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Has anyone had elevated liver enzymes sgot and sgpt-reason?


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I copied this from a website: The results are non specific.

A laboratory report of elevated liver enzymes is common. It doesn't indicate a specific disease. However, it may be due to a liver problem, even if you don't have any symptoms. Your doctor may recommend further testing to determine the underlying cause.

Liver enzymes help maintain a variety of chemical and metabolic processes that occur in the liver. Normally, very small amounts of these enzymes can be detected in your blood. Common causes of higher-than-normal liver enzymes include:

Certain medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and antiseizure medications

Infections such as viral hepatitis and mononucleosis

Exposure to toxins such as alcohol and fumes of some organic solvents

Tumors in the liver or bile ducts


Treatment depends on the underlying cause of elevated liver enzymes.

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Liver enzymes enter into the blood stream because liver cells are dying. The liver is big and can function even if half of it is working. The liver can repair itself. A lot of things can cause liver cell damage. Drugs, booze, disease and tumors for instance can cause elevated live enzymes. I would try and get it scanned if you can, and hope they are giving a true picture, because they can tell you what they want, with no consequences to them. A negative PET scan is no promise of wellbeing. It means they did not see a hot spot, but that assumes that the system worked. It did not work for me.


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