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Exercise as a Theropy


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I was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, mets left hurmorus and right hip and right orbital. Had symptoms for 6 months prior to

diagnosis. I am 52, physically fit, non smoker, (quit 18 years ago) avid exerciser for 18 years. I am interested

in talking with others that have similar staging and lifestyle. I have tried to wade through the many

list and such and am having little luck. Is there any such thing as a group that believes

exercising to keep a healthy body is a beneficial therapy, in addition to conventional and alternative. At present

I am feeling great, symptom free and on Chemo therapy, and would desperately like to communicate with

someone similar.

Any suggestions

Thank You

Bo Bennett

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I am not now were you are but I have been. After chemo, radiation, surgery, chemo I was thinking I needed to get back in shape. I joined the Y and took water aerobics . I figured that was safe for I had neuropathy in my feet and feared falling down, in the water if you fall , it is only into more water. Turned out that is a great exercise to build up lungs, and more of a work out than on "shore" I don't know how l would feel about it if I had still been on chemo and had a low WBC count. If you really want to talk to someone who is an exercise advocate look up David P 's story on the My Story ribbon. you could email him and talk more. Also the founder of ALCASE was a lung cancer survivor and actuallly wrote a phamplet that doctors recommened for rehab from lung cancer. Goood Luck Donna G

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Hey Bo!

Welcome to our site, here you will find many who are into healthy living, DavidP, Hebbie and many others. I have no answers for you, but I do have a big hug, prayers and a warm welcome to our group! :)

Sorry you have to be here, but glad you found us.



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Hi Bo,

Welcome...I know Winnemucca as I worked for the Gaming Control Board before I retired in 1995 and so spent some time in your area. My exercise program is walking my dog on a daily basis and riding my stationary bike. I think having an exercise/activity program is essential, although there have been times during chemo when I just was too fatigued for anything extensive. I am glad you are feeling so well and staying with exercise will keep you there. I look forward to seeing more posts from you.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)
Is there any such thing as a group that believes

exercising to keep a healthy body is a beneficial therapy, in addition to conventional and alternative.

I don't know about a particular group but many of us believe exercise is a beneficial therapy. I think you'd been daft not to feel that it helps (if you're able).

Have you tried Chi Kung? I know it can be boring but I've heard oodles of positive reports about its benefits to those with cancer, especially LC.

I was a health nut and although I smoked in my 20's, I quit 25 years ago. I was walking or jogging up to 7 or 8 miles a day. I lifted heavy weights for my size (I'm small). I did yoga. I ate mainly vegetarian for almost 20 years.

But I got lung cancer. But I figure maybe if I hadn't been a health nut I would have contracted another cancer or LC sooner. Cancer runs in my family, both sides.

I'm not giving up but have moments where I come so close.

I can't tell you what stage I am as I was dx'd with SCLC, limited, then non-small possibly neuroendocrine and now they're saying NSLC but not what stage. It's so confusing.

Welcome to the group. You will find information, support and kindness here.

You're not alone. We're all here with you.


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