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Happy belated birthday Margaret! I'll be the first to wish you happy birthday right here NEXT YEAR when we will also be celebrating your NED~

God Bless~


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Happy, happy birthday baby, although you're really not my baby, tra la la.

Oh well, I am so glad there is no sound on this board, My singing could turn your hair white.

On that note, Margaret, Happy Birthday and may you have so many more you won't care if your hair is white.

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Oh wow, another birthday! Did you know, Margaret, that it's a scientific fact that birthdays are healthy for you? You didn't? Well, it seems that the more you have, the longer you live! :wink:

Hope your day was happy! (I notice I'm late again...LOL)



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Thanks for the birthday greetings. Funny what huge milestones birthdays have become since diagnosis. I had a geat day...they got me through my chemo treatment by 11am! I try to celebrate a little bit every day...birthday or not.

Hollywood would have baked me a cake, but it was her day to just rest, do as she pleases, be waited on hand and foot, and be my constant, loving companion...just like every other day.

Again, thanks,


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Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful upcoming year and many more of them! In honor of your birthday it's also appropriate to tell you how much your compassionate words have meant to me, and I'm sure many more on this board. You are a kind spirit. Hope you enjoyed your day.


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