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my job update

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Awhile back so many of you gave me advice on my wanting to change careers and I want to thank you all!

Just a quick update--I am not resigning as of yet. I gave my notice June 1 and I kept agreeing to extend it, and extend it. I am gullible. In the interim I turned down a job with the Cancer Society because my husband and I may be relocating to Los Angeles and I would hate to take a job and leave it.

I had every intention of leaving here (work, not LCSC) for good on June 30 and alas I was offered to work 30 hours a week for however long I wanted, so I figured I may as well do that until we figure out where we are living. This way I will have some money coming in. And I will also have extra time for the Anaheim Relay for Life I agreed to sort of head up and get more nonprofit experience on my resume :)

The best part--my parents think this sounds so logical so they are thrilled and if my mom is happy, I am happy :)

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Ohhhh...not getting into the "Happy" game...

I remember how horrible I was on teenage hormones and after an entire month of being a total b*tch, with the last straw my mother said, "I hope you're happy!"... Never been "happy" since...been glad, been merry, been joyful...elated...euphoric...LOL

So, Andrea, I'm NOT asking you if you are happy, just wondering if you're enjoying being in the driver's seat?? :wink:

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Thanks everyone. And to answer Becky's question, heck ya, I LOVE being in the driver's seat! It is a good feeling to know that if it does not work out, I am outta here :) It is nice to feel powerful and in control of something once in awhile ; )

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