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Ugh....finally got sick :-(


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I think it was the amifostine. I had chemo Mon., Tues. and Wed. and then a Neulasta shot yesterday, along with the first radiation treatment.

But then today, I had the first amifostine shot prior to radiation. I took a Zofran pill - per instructions - a half hour before the shot, which was given just before 3:30 this afternoon. Radiation is daily at 3:45.

On the way home, my hubby said, "Are you okay with going to the store?" I was pretty wiped out last night and today...but we needed to go, so I said okay.

Well....I lasted long enough to pick out a couple of things and then went back to the car while he finished the shopping. On the way home.....I got sick in the car. :(

I'm working on a ginger ale, but it's well past dinnertime and nothing appeals. I'm going to try to eat a banana or something....but I'm gonna have to figure out something more efficient to counteract the nausea. It's got to be the amifostine...as up to this point, I've had NO nausea.....and I have to get that shot every time before radiation.

Gawd, I hate being sick. I have the next two days to regroup without any treatments....but my DH leaves early tomorrow morning for Arizona for 5 days....and I'd sure like to feel better than I do right now if I'm gonna be on my own. :?

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Your probablly right here are some side effects

Amifostine may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:



flushing (feeling of warmth)

chills ( feeling of coldness)


dizziness or lightheadedness




All sound as if they would make you feel awful, let your Doctor know.

Hope this helps


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Ask about the drug Anzemet. I was having trouble and they gave me samples to take first thing in the morning. I was also put on compazine every six hours. There was another intravenous drug they gave me before the chemo. Make sure the nurse knows how difficult this is for your tummy.



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Oh Addie,

Sorry you're sick-what a yucky feeling! Don't be afraid to try other drug options. Hope it passes quickly! Know what's weird?? You and my mom started radiation on the same day...and exactly the same time. (She's changing her time though to free up her afternoon lunch dates with the ladies!) Must be a sign of some healing solidarity, huh? Hope you're feeling better.


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Still a bit shaky but thank goodness what little I'm eating is staying down. A yogurt smoothie, some pudding, a little bit of cereal and half a popsicle!

I called the doctor...and he said it's probably the whole enchilada that did it.....chemo, radiation and the two shots over this past week....and told me I could take a Compazine too, on top of the Zofran.

I feel like I've been dragged through a knothole, backwards. :? Do you know that feeling?

I'm just hoping I feel better by Monday...and then maybe I won't feel this bad again until the next cycle of chemo. You can bet I'll be sure to investigate a better anti-nausea protocol before then!

Going back to the sofa....been loafing there all day long. Don't have the energy for much else.

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