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Rough week here at c-acres

Remembering Dave

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Hello all, This is a continuation of our Bone Scan posting. Just to sumerize--Karens mom went to the emergency room last Sunday and recvd 4 pints of blood due to low counts and has been in the hospital ever since, Karens dad had a heart catheterization on monday (at a different hospital) and stayed overnight, he had 2 blockages 1 90% blocked and 1 99% blocked, the put stints in and he was released on Tuesday, He went home grabbed his keys and went back to K's mom's hospital, Tuesday K's mom had a colonoscopy which found colon cancer, Wed. she was moved to the hospital K's Dad was in because it is a much better hospital and she had a heart cath there, it was the fist time the cath lab had a husband and wife in the same week, her cadiologist wanted to make sure her heart was OK before she went under the knife, it was, and Thursday they started cleaing her out for her surgury to remove the tumor. OK I think that was all in the Bone Scan posting. Well Friday they operated on her and found that it has spread to her liver. None of us really know much about Colon Cancer or the spreading of it yet. She will have to go through some chemo and they mentioned surgery on her liver in the future maybe. Karens mom is being very strong and is in amazingly good spirits, she said--well we will just have to do what isnecessary. I think she will do fine, she is a strong individual and has a positive attitude.

As for me.................

Karen and I were getting really pi**ed at my ENT Doc because we never heard anything. I even called her office about 3:00 on Friday and they said my tests did not come back yet.....but they would call the lab. I never heard anything else, I was at work, I tried calling at 4:40 but the office closed at 4:30. I decided I was going to start taking some Cipro I had laying around since all the docs seemed to not want to give me any Antibiotics but kept telling me I had an infection and probably needed some-grrrrrrr.. Well Karen was at the hospital so I picked up Faith and played Mr. Mom, as I had all week, and we went home. Let me tell you that girl loves her vegetables. Karen had a pot roast with potato's and carrots and onions in the crock pot and Faith all of her plate and then ate 1/2 the vegetables off of my plate, I started getting scared she was going to explode she was eating so much!!! She really has been an angel all week. We went to see Karens mom on Wed. night and she was so well behaved in the hospital and we have had a lot of fun this week, just her and I. ANyway, when we had finished eating dinner at about 20 to 6:00 I saw we had a message, I checked it and it was the ENT Doc. she gave me a number to call her back and nobody answered when I called. I did the dishes and was going to take a cipro pill when the phone rang and it was the doc.. She said the lab tests came back and I did have a sinus infection and she was calling me in an Antibiotic and that I would be having a biopsy of the bone over my eybrow which covers the sinus to see if itwas cancer or a bone infection. She did say that on the list of possibilities cancer is very, very low on the list just because of where it is located. They will cut from the inside corner of my eye up and around the underside of the eyebrow and take a piece of the bone and also see if my sinus cavity is plugged (possible reason for the sinus infection-possible side effect from PCI). there is something deffinitely going on with my bone up there and if it is a bone infection I may have to go in the hospital and get IV Antibiotics for several days depending on how bad it is. I must say my faith in the ENT Doc is restored, calling me at 7:15 on a Friday night. We still do not know when the biopsy will be done, I will have to have a special CT done and an xray before it can be done. The scheduler told us July 1 o July 8 is a possibility. Of course I want July 1 but don't know ifI can get the CT scan done by then. I will have to call early Monday and get them rolling on that one. I am sure Karen will call to. She has a Take No Prisoners attitude towards the medical community which usually works, ha,ha.

Well keep Karens mom in your prayers and either I or Karen will update as soon as possible. As always, you are all in my prayers.

David C

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Holy crudfish. :shock: You've had quite a time of it lately. Geez.

I will double up on my prayers for you (I think I've come to the point where I have no time to eat, just pray. Maybe I'll lose some fat. It could be the diet of the 21st century. Pray instead of eating.) Seriously, I will pray for all of you. I think it quite low on the totem pole for the problem with your sinus to be cancer. I hope so.

BTW, Faith is adorable.


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David and Karen,

You have had the year from hell. Your LC, Karen,s melanoma, Faith's operation, Karen's parents and now your boinkitis. It surprises me that you don't put straight vodka in an IV.

You must have a strong, loving family to continue with such resolve on this journey. May this time next year be a complete turnaround and you will be posting about how happy and healthy your whole family is.

You and your family are remembered in my prayers. And please give Karen a big hug for me.

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Yikes! You guys have too much going on, but thank goodness you have FAITH to help you through it! (pun intended, a little humor on a Sat morning ;) )

I am so sorry about Karen's mom :( Our paralegal was just diagnosed with colon mets to liver this week also.

I can;t wait to hear good things from Dave's bone scan!

Thinking of you all and anxiously awaiting better news!

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Glad to hear that cancer is very low on their list of concerns for the boinkitis.... Tell Karen we are thinking and praying for her Mom and of course you always have my prayers. As for Ginny's suggestion of vodka in the IV drip...Hmmmm Ginny "not too shabby a thought".... Love, Sharon

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Andrea - I'd like to share resources with your paralegal if at all possible - have you been able to talk to her? Is there any information about it you can share with us?

I guess we really won't have enough info to do much research until she gets some scans and stuff to see if it's gone anywhere else, and the results of the pathology from her lymph nodes, but I want to get a head start on it.



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TAlk about a plate full, you guys have it. Tell Karen I will be thinking of her mom as all of this progresses and you are always in my prayers David. I hope the antibiotics take care of it and by the time they do the biopsy its all taken care of. Sorry to hear about all of your trouble.


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Sometimes don't you feel like yelling "When will this stop!" How much can one family take? I pray for strength for you ALL! A different point - reading posts can teach us so much about compassion, support, and courage. I also learned that a side effect of PCI could be a blocked sinus - who knew? - will be telling Chick. Also, that children WILL eat their vegetables and WILL behave well in hospitals - experiences I haven't been able to achieve with my four!


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Yes, believe it or not, I have witnessed Faith (not even 3 years old) eating vegetables like they were chocolate. Fresh asparagus stalks just dug up from the C-Acres garden? She eat's 'em like they were candy bars. Pretty amazing child.

What David didn't mention is that during all this week from h*** with both Karen's parents having major medical problems and while waiting to hear the words "just an infection" about David's bones... Faith is supposed to be potty training. (I think she just got a major break!)

Y'all know I'm praying for everyone...

Aunt BeckyCW

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