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Does anyone know of a board like this for colon cancer?

Remembering Dave

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I briefly did a search yesterday but just came up with the usual ACS and something else similar - and they were sooo general they weren't all that helpful.

I need to find out as much as I can on this monster.

I'm am so exhausted this morning it isn't funny. My Mom is doing well, she has a epidural so she can't feel anything around her incision or lower which is good and helping her rest. The incision is only about 4 inches long, blows my mind they can do all that work in your gut through a four inch incision. she's all bruised and swollen a little down in our groin and thigh where the cardiologist did the cath, it looks worse than the gut incision.

The surgeon didn't think she'd be up to hearing about her metastasis until Monday but he popped in to see her last night around 8 pm and she was doing so well he told her. She took it so well, just said, well, I'll just do what I have to do and not worry about it - Dave just went through it and he did fine.

She is such a strong person and I never ever thought she was, well, after her breast cancer diagnoses I saw it but she is one tough bird now.

well, off to try to get some more laundry done and clean up our tornado stricken bedroom (I literally can't find anything to wear) and clean up the kitchen. Dave has done an awesome job running things at the house and taking care of Faith this week while I've spent all my waking hours at work or the hospital.

Thanks for the support everyone, and if anyone has any good internet suggestions on colon cancer resources, especially mets to the liver, please PM or email us with it or post it here, thanks.

God Bless us all,

Karen c.

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


This one has buddy program and chat room.


Info on local support groups


Links and stuff about colon cancer support


I wish I could help more. If I find info on cc with liver mets, I'll post it.


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