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A friend of mine was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage IIIB. The doctors are starting her on two types of chemo this week. I'm not sure what the names are. They said she has a 70-80% chance. I'm not sure what that exactly means. Does that mean a 70% chance to beat the cancer? Also, I want to help her on the days she has chemo. I want to bring food over and help out. I don't want to overwhelm her though. Can anyone give me an idea of how she will be feeling after her first treatment? I know everyone is different but I just wish I had an idea of what the chemo treatments are like and what she'll be going through when she starts.


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JAnie, I am so sorry to hear about your'e friend. You are correct that everybody id different and you can only guess what your friend may need. After my first treatment I was a little tired but welcomed visitors. I am in the middle of my 4th round of chemo now. People seem scared to come by thinking I may not want visitors but in my case I welcome visitors and phone calls. Even though fatigue is more than likely going to be a factor with your friend she may still like to just have a friend stop by to talk, help do things around the house etc. I have my wife and my folks and my wifes folks nearby and they have been a tremendous help just keeping the place clean, cooking, making sure I am drinking enough fluids and getting the reccomended anmount of protein etc. Just being there is going to help your friend. There are many differnt chemo drugs and different side effects which go along with the different drugs so as far as specific side effects your friend should get a printout from the doctor as to what to look for. I wish you and your friend the best.

David C

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Janie i had the same thing happend they said 70% at first and NO ONE knew what that meant, the thing is....they do not know. don't listen to the numbers. it is all crap anyway. some people take turns for the worse some baffle science, hopefully your friend is one that baffles. :D My dad after his first chemo was not too too bad. couple days after he was a little eh, but he could see people. just might need a nap on the old couch recliner if you didn't mind! Good convo my dad liked a lot, so bring a dish of that to your friends house.

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Im sorry to hear about your friends diagnosis.

My mom is about to begin her second round of chemo and she seems tired, a little nauseous, and mostly overwhelmed

Im sure your friend will be glad to see you..and if she's not up for visitors..she'll let you know that.

As far as helping her..chemotherapy causes "food issues" so that the person receiving treatment may not enjoy the same types of food that they did previously, or may feel to sick to eat. Soooo...my suggestion to you is to go over with some groceries..or maybe make a soup or something easy to hold down...and offer to cook something shes in the mood for at that moment.

Also, depending on how close you are to your friend..you may help out with house cleaning...

Remember that you shouldn't go over if you (or anyone in your house) isn't feeling well...People in chemo have suppressed immune systems..

I hope that helped

Take care


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