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I was in the hospital

Guest Phyllis

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I agree with Ginny. When I read stories like yours, I want to scream . . . but I'm at work and they already think I'm nuts. After going through the many nightmarish experiences with Dad and the medical profession, I know the horror, frustration, anger and discouragement you must have felt.

One thing for sure, you are one tough lady. You've learned how to get through the crap and keep going. Thanks for sharing.

We're all with you. If you decide to sucker punch a doctor someday, we'll support you!


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This is beyond my comprehension. I am so sorry. I can't imagine the violations of oath going on in your area. There truly are better doctors who will advise you and fight while your choice is to fight. I HATE your doctors. :evil: I don't know where you live but if you PM me with your phone number I might have some suggestions. In the mean time you are in my prayers.


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Guest NowakowDA

My sanity has returned. I think. Although I never new I really lost it. If anyone sees my sanity, would you please send it back to me. Or, drop it in the nearest mail box. Return postage guarenteed.


Emperor of France

Conqueror of Russia

Eater of Pizzas


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It sounds like you are going through h*ll right now and I am so sorry. Please keep us in touch as you feel like getting online. I can't imagine being that callous as to tell you that they will not do anything to help you. Heck, wax in your ear was an easy thing to fix...and if it made you hear better...WHY NOT. It makes me so angry. Wish I could fix it for you.


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i am so saddened by your news. I wish there was something i could do.

I will of course continue to pray for you. If you will send me your phone number or that of your step-mother in in Mississippi, I will call and check up on you. Know I think you are such a fighter, and are such an inspiritation to me, and to others here on this board.

Sending you much love


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