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Lets all help each other


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CrEveryday e all get up and go to work whether outside the home or in the home. Even us retired folks work ometimes i think harder than before. We all like that coffee break and these days a cup of coffee can cost three dollars.Well let us all pick a start date and put three dollars a day away for five days.My math sys that is $15.00. At the end of the week make out a check and send out to this site to let those who have done such a great job that benefits us all use where it would be best served. Thanks If you have other sugestions plase post them we can and must do something for all of us. thanks Again Carlton

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I agree with you. If we have extra, let's chip in. I would like to mention that there are some of us, who can't afford the money for coffee breaks; getting a cup at Starbucks is a big treat that has to be carefully considered before indulging. I'm just mentioning this cuz I think people in that situation might be feeling very guilty lately about not being able to help. I know that Rick and Katie are aware of this and I, for one, appreciate their kindness in not pushing for donations. I think they should be nominated for some kind of award. Hey, there's gotta be an award somewhere we can get them. :)


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I absolutely agree. I also know there are some people on our board that are really struggling, not only due to illness, but to the financial burden that this illness has caused.

My dream would be that those of us that can, however little, try to send some $$$ to LCSC every once and awhile. Maybe, just maybe, with word of mouth, maybe some grant money, some additional donations, maybe just maybe, we will become a real force in the fight against lung cancer.

Maybe, just maybe, we may be able to help those of us who are struggling financially, not being able to get the treatments and meds that are needed. Would this not be a lasting tribute to our wonderful family and friends that have died from the dreadful disease.

Just my 2 cents. Do you know my keyboard does not have a cent sign. So just my $ .02.

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