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just wondering


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hi everyone its been awhile things have been going pretty well here hav,nt had to have blood in a mouth now i was wondering if anyone had any trouble with there eye sight while taking cemo hubby says he cant harly see any thing close up even the food on his plate is this normal


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)


My eyesight seems to have deteriorated in the past few months. (Thanks for reminding me I should go see my opthamalogist.)

I can't say why but it did seem to start around the time I was doing dual chemo/rad. The problem is my eyesight has been bad for the past couple years so I can't tell if it's really gotten worse or I'm more conscious of it. I do know that my eyes have become very dry (maybe from 12-16 hrs of computer work a day for couple years). He might want to try some OTC help. Not the drops used to avoid red eye or for contact lens but drops like Allercan Refresh Tears for very dry and aging (sigh) eyes.


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I asked one of the onc nurses about it, because it seemed to me that my vision wasn't as clear anymore either. I'm just past round two of chemo.....and have only had two days of radiation...but noticed this even BEFORE radiation began.

The nurse said it happens! Some people notice a difference in their vision. I am also due to have my eyes checked...but the nurse recommended NOT getting a prescription change as she said the visual changes are apt to continue/fluctuate throughout treatment.

I'm noticing more difference in my distance vision than close-up...and it's not a huge difference....but enough to be noticeable.

Just another issue that becomes part of our "new normal", I guess, when cancer/treatment become part of our lives...huh? :roll:

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Lucie teared up a lot, and we found out the chemo closed the drainage ducts in her eyes. So all the tears filled the eyes and then ran over. It stopped and went away after her chemo. There are some eye doctors that can unplug the drainage, but we didn't get that far. Don

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