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PET scan Good General Information - it may not be cancer

Guest bean_si (Not Active)

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Good information on PET scans - how they must be carefully interpreted as certain infection can mimic a response similar to cancer cells.

Warning: Article is technical, geared to radiology personnel.

http://intl-radiographics.rsnajnls.org/ ... ll/19/1/61

P.S. FDG is the most common radiopharmaceutical (I think) used in both PET can PET/CT scans


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Thanks for the info, we have one coming up in about a month and Jim has an infection right now - getting better - but it might matter on the test.

If your puppy were black, it would look just like one of mine. He is a rascal, too, but very loving. He's got short hair for summer, though, to cut down on seeds and ticks. Margaret

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