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Surgery...or...optional treatment?


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Hi all; Has anyone elected to forego surgery, seek an alternative treatment, against Drs. advice? I find surgery a very traumatic option, along with the long recovery time and pain/disability, etc...

Im getting ahead of things, jus getting bronchoscopy Mon, 06/28/04, but indicators are diag. will not be good, and there will be little time to choose a treatment option, as they already are saying surgery is the path to take, if diag. confirms.

Appreciate anything u might be able to offer in this regard....thx much.

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Hi Rich and Welcome to the group. While I hope that your broncoscopy turns up non-cancerous results, if it should in fact confirm a cancer diagnoses, surgery seems to offer the best chance for a complete cure. Obviously the choice will be yours and no one can tell you what to do, but being told that surgery is actually an option is a positive thing -- there are many people diagnosed who are not eligible for surgery.

I will agree that surgery can be a very scary prospect, however, I was all for it. I just wanted to get the cancer OUT as quickly as possible. I had faith in my surgeon (a top thorasic surgeon in Philadelphia) and was at a top-notch cancer hospital. The hospital stay was quick, I was home on the 4th day, but everyone is different and have different rates of recovery. It's been almost a year and a half since my surgery and I have not regreted the decision for one minute.

If you do decide to go ahead with surgery, make sure he is a thorasic surgeon, not a general surgeon -- you want a specialist. I also don't see any reason why you could not have surgery and also follow up with some alternative treatments. They don't have to be mutually exclusive.

If you decide to forego surgery, our alternative board offers many suggestions for finding alternative treatments or integrative medical centers around the country.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best as you begin this journey!


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I too, wanted my nodule OUT, no matter what it was.


:lol: There are very many good drugs to help you heal. I really had little pain in the hospital, and at home took the pain meds religiously for a week or two, and by the time I was at the surgeon for my follow up, I was off all prescription meds.

Surgery was in late April, aand after a quiet spring on my patio, I was at the Jersey shore and even in San Antonio TX in July, heat and humidity and all.

The surgery was not the worst thing I've gone through.

But everyone must choose for themselves. Just don't let FEAR dictate your choice.


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I, too, hate doctors offices, hospitals and ESPECIALLY the thought of surgery. However, if my dx had been different and they had told me that surgery was an option I would have jumped on the table that very day, bared my chest and told them to "go get that thing!"

So let me add a HUGE "ditto" to what Gail said. No matter what comes down the pike in the next few days, weeks and months DO NOT let fear be the deciding factor in whatever decisions you have to make.


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I concur, if you can get surgery, go for it! And who knows, it might be able to be done the minimally i nvase way and not be as bad as you think!

Like the thoracic surgeon told my mom, he said if they did not think s urgery could prolong her life drastically or save her life, theywould say go on a cruise, nothing we can do. But if they have to make her sick for a few months to get her better, so be it :) I ohpe that makes sense

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What Gail and Heather said, I agree wholeheartedly.

Surgery does offer the best chance of a cure, and to miss that chance for a life back was not going to be my choice.

Surgery is tough, but very very doable. I was back at work in 2 1/2 weeks. Out of the hospital after three nights. After I healed up and was back on my feet, I was going to chemo for 4 months, but you know what, I came out on the other side just fine and would do it all over again for the same good result.

That said, I certainly understand those who do not desire the invasive procedures and chemo and radiation. It is a personal choice. All I'm saying is that, if surgery is an option, that means a cure is possible, and once you're over surgery, it's over and all uphill from there.......

Keep us posted.....

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