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Hi- My husband was diagnosed w/sclc a few days after being hospitalized w/pneumonia 5/18/04. After testing they found it was in the limited stage. His first round of Chemo was 6/8-6/10 - Etoposide and Cisplatin. He became sick the second day and by the 6/11 ended up in the hospital icu with a collapsed lung. He was released on the 23rd after having his chest tube removed. While the chest tube was still in they inserted a medi-port and also performed a plueridosis (surgical powder procedure). He is scheduled to have his second round starting 6/29 (his 46th birthday). His Oncologist plans on taking him off the cisplatin and giving his another chemo drug that I can't remember the name at this time. He said with the new drug he will not be as nauseated but it will be a battle w/his blood cell counts. He has been feeling ok the last couple of days but tires easily. He coaches little league baseball as well as the challenger division so this helps keep his spirits up and gives him something to look forward to.

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Guest HerSon

Welcome to the group! Chemo usually works well with sclc, so hang in and count on everybody here to help support you through this! :)

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Welcome, wish you and the rest of us didn't have to be here. But you will be so glad you joined our family.

There is an amazing amount of support and caring for you and your husband for each step of this journey.

I have also gotten an amazing amount of information that I take forward to discuss with my husband's doctors.

Hope this new chemo is successful. I understand that SCLC is very responsive to chemo.

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