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God indeed work's in mysterious way's


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Let me start out by saying i am a Catholic who also believe's All denomination's are in God's family,just taking a slightly different road.Now i headlined my thought's here with the fact God does indeed work in mysterious way's and God's way's i might add are usually not alway's understood by his children just as when we were children our parent's guidance was seldom understood.

Well for 30+ year's we stopped attending mass and recieving the sacrement's for no other reason than we just got too tied up in our own live's and bascically left God out.Now mind you this while raising 9 children.Now i know there are those of you that might say Baloney or what ever when i tell you what i think started us down this road of leaving God out .I believe it all started when we broke the church law when my wife and i agreed to have her tube's tied of after our last child was born.I can not explain it but that is what i feel started our separation between us and God.

Well our live's rolled on like we were never going to have major problem's and it was almost like see God we'll use you when we feel like it.We attended Christmas mass once in a while but that was about it God was just in not even 2nd place but more like 3rd place in our live's.

Well then it began to happen ...in 1994 in phoenix Arizona our oldest Son was killed by a hit and run driver and fortunately we were able to see he got the last rite's and a Catholic funeral and is now buried at Holy Cross cemetary in Glendale arizona a suburb of Phoenix,and we still after all that refused to return to the church.Then in 2000 i had 5 heart bypasses and in 2001 my wife almost died from grave's desease and they discovered i had Bladder cancer and still we refused God,but i did start stopping in a church in Liberal ks. St. Anthony's and would pray for my healing and one nite i had a strange dream or vision i'm not sure anymore but in that experience i felt The Blessed Mother was near and saw what looked like star Dust enter my body about where my bladder would be.And i've had clear check up's ever since that nite but i also recieved the BCG treatment for 2 yr's with so far no recurrance.

Each time since my heart attack and operation we would say God is trying to tell us something so maybe we should return to the church and of course we did'nt.Then my wife was discovered to have SCLC and a priest stopped in her hospital room and gave her absolution and the anointing for healing and this time we returned to the church.Well as you can read on my wife's profile wonderful thing's are starting to happen such as some of our children are returning to GOD my now oldest son who is a green beret returned from Iraq safely and our live's in general just seem to be improving.Oh yes i forgot our youngest son was wounded in the first 9 day's of fighting in Iraq in 2001 and even then we continued our unchurched way's.

Did God cause any of our problem's ??Of course not but he did i feel use our problem's to make us realize only GOD our Father and creator would forgive us and bless us and reward us in way's yet to be seen and heard.All along GOD with the church and it's sacrement's were there just waiting along with the saint's for our return.

Praise GOD from whom all blessing's flow.....Tnx for reading this and hopefully it make's sense.......

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Thanks Larry. Do you know the hymn "Come back to me , with all your heart. Don't let fear , keep us apart" Like the prodigal's father , he is waiting and wants to shower you with his love. Donna G

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I firmly believe that God never leaves us, even when we leave him. Sometimes, it seems he is far away, but truly he is right at hand, waiting for us to return home. I'm glad you have experienced this. Since I have been paying more attention to him, I see him everywhere now. Funny how that works. I don't believe every tragedy is his punishment nor every blessing his reward for something we have done. I think he has a plan for each of us and tries to carry it out even though we often get in the way. His ultimate plan is a better relationship with us, and with each other (that's where being servants to each other comes in). Thanks for sharing your story. Don

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Thank's Donna and Don,your thought's on what i wrote were really uplifting.Donna i know exactly the meaning of the word's you wrote,I have never been known for being what you would call a softie or gentle person espeacially in a physical way.I coached Amateur boxing for 20 year's if that give's any one a idea of what kind of person i was.

But i must confess when i went to confession after 30 year's and heard the priest absove me of my sin's and in a very joyous tone of voice saying the word's welcome home i almost broke down and cried.

Don your expression or better yet description of God's plan was so well written and only wish i could express my thought's as well,plus i could'nt agree with you more.I too believe like our late great President Ronald Reagan believed and that was God put us all here for a purpose,so we all have a purpose for our existence in which some day in the here after we will learn it and how well we used it....

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