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Start chemo tommarow.


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I start tommarow. Will I feel it going in to me? Will I feel sick while I am there or when I get home? Cis and VP 16. Is it tough getting it together on day 2 and 3 to get the VP 16 again?

Never been so freaked out about getting treated for something.



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With me, they hook up a glucose solution first. It feels a wee bit cool going in...but they use that to flush the lines between bags. The chemo going in...you cannot feel...or at least I cannot!

Have they told you if you'll be getting some premeds? The Decadron or Zofran or something for nausea? That usually is given to me first....then one bag of chemo, then the other. I usually have to use the "powder room" in between infusions cuz with all that liquid going in....well, you know the laws of physics, eh? :wink:

But it's been NO problem the next day or the day after that. I had anti-nausea meds to take at home too, and did so for those three nights...but that was about it! By the day after the third chemo, I didn't need anything.

I only got sick this past Friday, I think, because of adding radiation, a couple of shots, some "nerves" and the fact that I ate a granola bar about a half hour after radiation. I will never again eat that soon after radiation !! :shock: And I just may never again put my lips to a granola bar either....cuz at this point anyway, it just conjures up mental pictures of trying to *delicately* upchuck in a moving automobile in heavy traffic! :roll:

I think you're going to find the experience of chemo to be rather anti-climactic after all this "fear of the unknown". Trust me. Take a good book to read while you're getting the infusions. The nurses are great, you won't feel anything as the chemo goes in...and the most prominent "side effect" for me overall has been a sort of "heavy" feeling or some tingling in my arms and hands. That is about it!

I know I've said all this to you several times before....but I'm gonna KEEP saying it till you take a deep breath and believe me! :? DO NOT, however, hesitate to ask for anti-anxiety and/or anti-nausea meds to help you thru the nerves, etc. That's what they are there for....but I think you'll truly find that getting the chemo isn't a huge deal and especially if the nausea is kept at bay, you'll do fine.

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I started my treatment with that chemo and radiation. They premedicated me, lots of IV fluid just before the Cisplatin, also zophran and lasix. I had lots of nausea meds at home , I never needed. I was tired and napped every day. I gained weight. I had NSCLC and after the first round that lasted about 6 weeks I think, they did do surgery, so I had a month break, then had 6 more weeks of the same chemo. I missed the last week because I got neuropathy in my feet and they stopped it. Pray that you do well. Donna G

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