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MY ONCOLOGIST..............

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More I read the answers, the angrier I get.

There should be a list open for cancer patients to check

on their future doctors to see the strength or lack of

compassion and knowledge they have, written by their patients,

and on display in the hospitals.


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I dont think I would care if he was angry or not, I would have a tape recorder with me at all times. This sounds like mass confusion and a lot of crap to me. Thank God you are going to be going to a new onc. You are always in my prayers!!

God Bless You,


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Dear Cat,

Heartfelt prayers? Absolutely. All the time.

Would I run with you? I'd consider it an honor to run with a woman who colors outside the lines, and runs with scissors.......

Especially if I could cadge a gaelic lesson or two .

Glad you're at least finding the threads to begin untangling this Gordian knot ..

Bottom line, do what's best for your health, in the most practical fashion.

We're behind you one hundred and fifty percent.

Whatever they call it, it is what it is and will respond to the same treatment it would have had they called it something else.

Hang in there, sounds like the beginning of the answers are in sight..



Prayers always...

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