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Grilling and Cancer....

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From Dr. Weil's Daily Newsletter:

Today's Tip: Barbecuing the Healthy Way

It's delightful to grill outdoors when the weather is warm. However, grilling isn't the healthiest way to eat. Grilling American favorites such as hot dogs and hamburgers leads to the production of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals called heterocyclic amines (HAs).

To reduce the amount of HAs, you can pre-cook your food and finish it off on the grill to get that barbecued flavor - less time on the grill means less carcinogens on your meats. For even healthier results, choose fish or vegetables instead of red-meat products. You should also follow these barbecuing tips from the American Cancer Society if you're inclined to grill meat:

Cook the meat thoroughly - but not so much that pieces are charred and black. Don't eat the blackened parts.

Keep the portions small and lean, and trim away any excess fat.

Think of meat as a side dish instead of the main course.

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