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Waiting is Killing Me!


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It's driving me crazy that my husband is having to wait to try to get the insurance co. to pay for him to go to Vanderbilt for a clinical trial. :x Vanderbilt won't even schedule an appointment until the insurance co. makes a decision on out-of-network and a clincial trial.

While we are waiting, those cancer cells :evil: are running around unrestrained! How do you'll cope with the waiting? HELP!

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Waiting while someone is sick is the absolute worst. Do you have a case worker at your insurance company that help speed up or at least give you information on how long it will take?

Also, I thought some clinical trials are free to the patient. Have you checked that?

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I'm no expert on dealing with insurance companies -- I'm sure others will be able to give you lots of advice on that -- but my instinct is to be a "Nudge" - give them no peace. After all, they're not giving you much peace of mind with this wait.

As for waiting and waiting and waiting, everyone, again, must have his or her own way of handling that. I try to keep so busy (no problem there: since Len's diagnosis, I've let so many things slide that I'm HOPELESSLY behind in everything, so there's a bottomless pit of things to do) that I have less time to obsess over everything. Len, on the other hand, tends to sit and brood -- which gives me one more things to keep busy with -- finding ways to keep HIM busy.

Good luck. Hope the lousy insurance company comes through for you. Any problems and we'll invite the wrath of athe LCHELP community down upon it!

Keep us posted.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I don't think clinical trials are free to patient but boo to Vanderbilt for not at least making any appt.

I'll say prayers for you.


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My answer is, I don't bear it, I fret and worry and stay awake at nights. I eat everything in sight and get stomach aches etc. etc. Dave has a way of shutting things off, bless his heart. Sometimes I worry that he is worrying and I say something like," What are you thinking about?", and he will answer, "I'm NOT thinking!"

Hope everything turns out OK for you and Charlie,


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Thanks for the advice. I have been praying hard for the insurance co. to come through. My understanding is that the "normal and customary care costs" of treatment (you would have these no matter what treatment is being received) are still the individual's responsibility while the other costs are covered by the clinical trial sponsor. Paddy: Your husband sounds like mine. He just keeps on keeping on while I fret, and eat, and research, and pray, etc. Hope everyone has a good day!

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