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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

Hi everyone,

This board was a great deal of help to me when my husband, Dick, was diagnosed and passed a year ago. It was heartwarming to see many familiar names and faces. You go, Girl, Connie B.

I now have a friend that I am seeking information on. She has been diagnosed with NSCLC but her symptoms were neurological. She has stage IV with 8 brain mets. She is a very young 50 year old non-smoker. I, of course, suggested MD Anderson. Am wondering if there are any updates to this type of cancer as it is different from Dick's. They are saying her that surgery is out of the question (I assume because of the brain mets). Does anyone know if stage IV surgery is possible elsewhere? Also, any new clinical trails or treatment for this particular cancer. I'll try to provide more information as I know it. I'm going to also encourage her to join this board.

Aloha, Cheryl from Hawaii

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When Steve was dx'd Stage IV, surgery was not an option because of the multiple mets (brain, bone, liver), but after his original chest/hip radiation and Carbo/Taxol chemo, his next scans came back totally clear. Unfortunately, the good news was pretty short-lived and he was back in tx. You might want to read my post re: WBRT as there's a good chance your friend will be facing that decision. I wish her all the best. Tell her I met a Stage IV survivor at Relay for Life this weekend who couldn't tolerate chemo, but has been doing terrific on Iressa for 2 1/2 years. She sure made our day since it's what we're looking at next.

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Hi Cheryl,

Welcome back???? hummmm! Don't know if welcome back are the right words! Sorry to hear about your friend. :(

Well my dear, they may do brain radiation on your friend. I don't think they would do anything as far as surgery on the lung, etc.. though. I don't know of to many that have surgery when they are a stage IV, other then for comfort reasons. BUT, I never say NEVER! Has the cancer spread anywhere else? Most places offer the same treatments. If she has an aggressive doctor then she should be in good hands at any medical facility. There really are a LOT of private medical facilites that treat lung cancer and all cancers very well. I went to a private medical facility and they were very good and aggressive and offered all the same treatments the major Cancer facilities did. Soooooooo!! It's a horse a peice! There is good and bad everywhere!

I wish your friend all the best. Please tell her I am in her cheering corner and that she needs to TRY and keep a positive attitude. :roll::wink:

Glad to see you back, just wish it was to say HELLO! Hope your doing well!

Keep us posted!

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There is whole head radiation, there is Gamma Knife for brain mets. Both are very good at getting rid of the prob in the brain. Buddy's dr did whole head first then was going to do Gamma after if they ever came back. Unfortunately, they never came back in the brain but did everywhere else...

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There are a few drugs being used for brain mets at least in the clinical trial setting. I am not sure if any of these are approved yet.

Xcytrin, Temador, Gliadel wafer, melatonin.

I just read recently that Topotecan is supposed to cross the blood brain barrier

There are also radio-sensitizers like RSR13 or Gadolinium Texaphyrin

If WBR is given the dose would not have to be as high. I am not a Dr. but maybe something to ask your Dr.

Since there is more than one brain met, I don't think surgery is an option. If there is an isolated brain met and no lymph node involvement then surgery for the brain AND lung is done.

http://theoncologist.alphamedpress.org/ ... oncologist

Best luck to your friend

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