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TBone's Birthday Party Invite


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Hey, All You Wonderful Folks, here's the scoop on TBone's belated 50th birthday party:


And you don't even have to let us know you're coming unless you just want to or want directions. Don't worry - there will be plenty of vittles! We can even make sleeping arrangements if you need/like.

WHEN: Sunday, July 4, 2004. The party begins when the first guest arrives - could be 7:00 a. m. or 2:00 p.m. or Fri. evening (most probably)

WHERE: Gypsy Woods (Bobby, Ginger "ViVI" and GiGi's home) about 1 1/2 miles north of Buena Vista, GA (near Columbus)

ENTERTAINMENT: Eating, talking, eating, swimming, eating, fishing, eating, talking, eating, cranking the ice cream freezer, eating, playing, eating, fanning gnats, eating, frying TBone, eating, laughing, eating, laughing, eating, laughing.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING: Nothing but your beautiful selves!

We would absolutely LOVE to have any, or preferably, ALL 1000+ (and your families) of y'all!

Much, much love to you all!


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I guess I need to bring home that gross of paper plate straw thingees that I found when unpacking!

We really would love to "surprise" Terry with some of you. But Ginger has let the cat out of the bag. I was gonna private message some of you.

Nuska, just where in Alabama do you live? We're just 30 miles from the Alabama border.

Hope some of you can make it!


P.S. Did you mean "roast" Terry?

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I was wondering about that "frying TBone" thing too. ViVi, I think three rounds of radiation are enough "frying" for him. But "roasting" is a different ballgame altogether!

ViVi - we'll be there Friday early afternoon, so you're right about when the party starts. So start cleaning. And cooking. (Just kiddin'!) :lol::lol:

Those of you close by that I can think of are Nushka, AngieDaughterofBill, and Sam'sWifeShirley. And didn't there used to be someone in Woodstock, GA? We'd LOVE to have y'all!


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I will be there in spirit.

I always celebrate my birthday that weekend.

I will be in North Carolina at my parents' house with my two girls.

My dad is now 84, and mom not far behind. I cherish my time with them.

Rather sedate compared with your crew, I'm sure, but occasionally we get carried away with the golf cart, esp if the kids are driving...

That's lots closer to you than where I live, but several hundred miles too far to get there and be home in time for work!!

Terry, belated happy 50th, from me with my 48th....

and happy July 4th.

Have a GREAT PARTY, all!!


Prayers, always,


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OH, the temptation is strong, having a 3-day weekend...BUT, it's my aunt's 60th (on the 4th) and we are throwing her a surprise party. It'll be a surprise, too (well, not the birthday part, she KNOWS it's her birthday). But a Georgia fishfry and getting to meet TBone in da flesh is SOOOOO tempting! (...and I have SOOOOOOooooo many jokes that I can't post here...LOL)

Bummer, dude!

Hope your birthday is happy, TBone, and yours too, MaryAnn! Many, MANY more to you both!



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If I could have you and TBone's family present in the flesh, I'd have another birthday at a more convenient time. I wanna hear those jokes, and I wanna hear Terry laugh....


I'd make a place one hour drive, no more, from everyone on the board.

Preferably adjacent to TBone's clan's kitchen and fishing hole.

Shouting distance from Ry's.

Easily accessable for curtis G and Katie, Ditto for Rick and Katy, and EVERYONE, since EVERYONE OF YOU IS IMPORTANT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd add an extra weekend to the summer, so noone would have prior commitments or other responsibilities.

I'd order spectacular weather, super comfortable and not too humid.

I'd make sure we had lots of help, to let the caregivers destress .

I'd have several quiet family rooms, for those of you who are still very low key. Lots of recliners.

This would be a place to celebrate the day, one's own life, and the special bond we all share.


But my heart is in the right place.

If not in this life, then in the next...... :):):):):):):)

You all are so very dear to me....


Prayers, always, for all of us...


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I bet you that the sisters will make sure you have whatever you want to have. And if you don't feel well enough to "make it" I bet they will be delivering the party to your front door. I have five brothers, the only girl. To me, my brothers got a little annoying, LOL. I bet being the only guy means the sisters get a bit annoying, LOL.

Oh well, such is family love!


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We might be annoying, but hey - that's one of our better traits! And by the way, TBone isn't the only "guy" - literally. We've got another brother, actually named "Guy"! There's another sister as well, so in all there are four girls and two boys (but I use these terms losely, cause we range in age from 38 to almost 55).

And don't worry - even if TBone doesn't feel like being there for his whole party, he'll be there for part of it. He knows not to leave us alone too long or we might just talk about him! And knowing what a firebug he is, I'm SURE he'll at least show up for the fireworks display. (And yes, fireworks are illegal in Georgia, but what the heck - you can't have July 4th without fireworks. And they wouldn't have all those fireworks stores just across the Alabama line if we weren't meant to buy them!)


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It sounds like a blast!! Have a wonderful time. I have family here from North Carolina so it's not something I could attend. I'm sure you will all have fun for all of us.


If wishes were fishes.... I wish too that we could all attend the party you describe.

God Bless you all,


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Wow! I can't believe you just invited 1,000 plus people to a party. You must be age 30 or less. :lol:

Georgia is where my sister lives. I sure would like to come - I'm always up for a party, but it's not going to make my dance card this time. Thanks for the invite, though.



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TBone clan

I wish I could smuggle some fireworks on over to Vivi's house and have fish or whatever will be served. I just can't make it this weekend. I have a daughter coming home on Saturday from church camp. I HAVE to be here when she gets home. I miss my baby girl so much. Well, she's not actually a baby, she will turn 13 in January, but she is MY baby.

My hubby said that within the next week he has to make a trip to Rossville, GA. I don't suppose that is close enough to you guys for us to meet up and have lunch????? I have no idea where Rossville is.........I think north GA.????

Anyway, have a GREAT time. After I get my baby from camp, we will celebrate the fourth of July at my Mom's house around the "cement pond". :lol: And yes, there WILL be fireworks................and lots of them.


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Thanks so much for the personal invite. I live in north Alabama which is about 4 1/2 hours from you guys. I would love to come meet the entire clan but have kids with their families wanting to use our pool and eat our food. :lol: I hope you all have a great time and again Tbone, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


PS, maybe we can get together another time really soon.

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Good Morning, All;

OK, yep, we invited 1000+ folks but this is the way I figure it: there are four women, that means four bosses. So we have to have a big shindig so we'll each have our own empire. But we must keep in mind that there is only one queen mother and as she sometimes reminds us "I'm still the Mama." And our response is "ok". :?

Take care everybody, look for the sun.


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To clarify:

I DID mean "fry", as opposed to "roast", because it's so hot here, we'll all be "frying" anyway!

And, yes, we'd love to accommodate all 1000+. You wouldn't believe what we CAN do when we set our minds to it. As a matter of fact, this is the first summer in many years that we have not entertained for a really big event (wedding, school reunion, etc.). Last spring/summer we had 2 biggies and we got it down so pat that the 'sisters' and 'sisters-in-law" even considered opening a catering/entertaining business. I'll admit that 1000 is a bit bigger than what we've handled but I HAVE planned and prepared Low Country Stew for 450. That was a lot of shrimp, corn, potatoes, sausage and onions!

The kids (the cuzins, as we call them) all help, too. Besides helping 'get ready', they are in charge of directing the parking up in the field by the highway and bringing the guests who can't or don't want to walk to the yard on golf carts (or Red Neck Humvees). :shock: One thing we've noticed, however, is that a lot of the ones who 'can't' or 'don't want to' walk TO the party find a way to walk BACK to the car. :?: Could it possibly have anything to do with how the cuzins take the curves in the very winding drive? :shock:

Sorry :( y'all all can't make it but I appreciate the feedback and good wishes for TBone :D . I know it's a busy wknd for everybody too. :idea: Maybe we can get together a southern party like the one in Michigan (?). We'll host, plan and arrange if anyone is serious about pursuing it. (Notice how I am so good at volunteering everyone in the family - hey, and I'm not even the "Queen"!) :wink:



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ViVi -

Although I love Georgia - and I'd love to just hop on my bike and be there in time, I don't think that's gonna happen.....still have to figure out a sidecar for the dog for long trips!

But seriously - could you email me an address to send something to TBone?

Have a blast!


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Hello TBone & family,

Just want to introduce myself and pass on best wishes for your birthday. I just joined the board, but have popped in over the last few months since my husband's dx. TBone, I picked up on your story quickly and I always check to see if there is anything from you because your story reminds me so much of my husband's. He had brain mets from the original dx, so I was very anxious to see how yours were handled (Steve's brain mets treatment was delayed because his systemic disease demanded immediate attention, so your WBRT was before his). Anyway... hope you have a spectacular b-day and enjoy the best present anyone could ever hope for, which you already have - that incredibly wonderful family of yours! I think that your part of the country tends to get more rain than we do, so I'll try to send some California sunshine for your big bash. Of course with the kind of luck we seem to be having, it'll probably be our fog that shows up!




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