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Phyllis and Joyce H. etc


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Has anyone heard from Phyillis since the other day. I was out of town and didnt get a chance to post. Joyce H from Denver area was also having some trouble last time she posted. Maybe someone pms with them or knows. Saying prayers.


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Hi, everyone-

Nice to know someone cares! :wink:

I actually met with an oncologist recently at the University of Colorado cancer center, about an hour drive from here, but it was well worth it. She is an absolutely wonderful doctor! Very caring, and positive attitude, which I really need. (my last oncologist was not the nicest, or the most caring doctor in the world...). Anyway, she put me on Iressa. I'm starting on radiation for my hip, thighbone, and ribs (front and back) tomorrow for 10 days. I'm having a ct scan of my brain tomorrow, too, for a daily headache I've been having. Scared about this. So far, it feels like the fractures in my right ribcage have gotten better, and the Iressa (I've been on it for about 2 or 3 weeks now) has given me almost daily diarrhea, but not really any other side effects.

I feel so much more optomistic since finding a new doctor. (thank you for the "push", Fay A!) My last doctor was such a creep.

Well, that's it for me. I'm okay!


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So glad this new doctor is a better fit. It's so important to feel you have a real emotional connection with your doctors!!

Sending out all positive thoughts for things to go well with your treatment and for you to be deemed "empty headed"....a label we ALL enjoy wearing! :wink:

Keep us posted. Prayers coming your way...but I'm so glad the new doc is optimistic and helping you remain the same way!!

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