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Before our family got involved, I'll bet you guys never discussed the "shrinkage factor" on this message board. Am I right?!?! So glad we could help to broaden everyone's field of reference . . . :lol:

Carleen, I just love your new restaurant idea . . . we could decorate with those plants called "anthiriums" - you know, the one that has a bloom of a bright red (usually) shiny flat disc with one long skinny thing sticking up from its base. We've always called these "little boy flowers" due to their resemblance to a certain male body part. :oops:

I just want to know where I can invest in this venture . . . and Snowflake, maybe this chain can sponsor the men's figure skating tour. Seems appropriate, doesn't it?

Y'all have a good one!



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The beach is Mexico Beach, FL., about 30 miles E of Panama City. Bobby, GiGi and I spent last week at PC and you have never seen such beautiful green/blue water! The Gulf Coast along the panhandle (the Emerald Coast), though becoming crowded, is just unbelievably beautiful. There are still some nice isolated beaches, if you know where to find them. Panama City is definitely not one of them, but, hey, I have a 13-year-old daughter, so guess who chose our vacation destination this year!! We love Mexico Beach, which is very laid back and not crowded, but "we" had to have a little more action last week, as GiGi had just returned from the Mexico Beach trip with TBone's and Tee Taa's families.

So this weekend we will be playing at the Gypsy Woods Pond Beach. Tee Taa is bringing one of those 12' diameter water trampolines, which should be a blast. We'll try to keep TBone from overdoing it, but it IS his 50th birthday party, you know, so there's no telling what he might try.


P. S. I like the changing photos, too. Maybe 'someone' will be kind enough this weekend to take one that I can use in place of the "family in black" one I now display. Actually, maybe this weekend we'll be able to get all of us (or at least most of us) in one 'wad' (as MeMa puts it) so we can take a picture and let you see the whole crazy bunch of us.

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Okay, ViVi - I'll take a new photo. Maybe we can get everyone perched out on the water trampoline for a group shot. Sounds pretty scary, doesn't it?! :lol::lol:

And speaking of Mexico Beach - TBone loves it so much that just last week I told my husband that if I were to win the big Mega Millions lottery (which is up to $280 million for Friday's drawing), the VERY FIRST thing I'd do is go down there and buy TBone the biggest, best house I could find, right there on Mexico Beach. Close, but not too close, to the pier, so he could see the fishermen, with room for everybody he wants to invite. Heck - I'd even throw in a big ole fishing boat to go out whenever he wanted. Yeah, I know the odds are small - but SOMEBODY'S got to win it, and it may as well be ME!



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