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Hello- my mom is a member (ljdub) thought I'd check it out

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My mother is a member of this community, and she has raved about this site, so I thought I would check it out. The support that I have seen so far is quite amazing. Mom is currently in treatment- very scary time. But she is the bravest, strongest woman I have ever known. I'm not happy for the reason we've joined this site, but I am happy one like it exists.


Mother Age 50, nsclc adenocarinoma, 3cm right lower lobe

dx 4/2/04

4/15 mediastinoscopy - negative

4/29 lobectomy - middle and lower right lobes

6/28 Radiation therapy

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Glad you are checking us out.Welcome.

We have a lot of support givers here as well.

Your mom is just starting radiation, post surgery? She's got some healing to do...

If you need us, we're here...

Prayers that the radiation does its job real well..



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Redsablepup is my most loving and supportive daughter. I've been so blessed to have her be in my life. She saw me through surgery and was my caregiver during recovery . Everyone should have the support I've been lucky enough to have, and a daughter like mine!

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Dear redsablepup,

Welcome to our family and I'm glad you posted. I am sure you can find as much support here as your Mom does. Join us often and keep us updated so we can give you and your Mom all the support we can

God Bless You Both,


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