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Mixed News for Lucie

Don Wood

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Well, there's good news and bad news.

Good news: Lucie has had 10 of 14 radiation treatments for the spots on her upper right ribs now and she is beginning to feel some significant relief. She will complete the radiation next Tuesday.

Bad news: The PET scan done last week shows new spots -- right central lung (main tumor started in left lung), lymph nodes near that lung area, and lower right ribs near the liver.

Good news: We will discuss chemo options with the onc a week from this coming Friday. Keep those thoughts and prayers comin', please. Don

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I am sorry to read about the results of the latest PET scan. That's not what we were all hoping and praying for :(

BUT I am glad that she is finding some relief from the radiation treatment. That is really important.

Thinking of you



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Oh, darn! Don, I am so sorry about this news, but glad you have a plan already to discuss treatment options. How is Lucie feeling about this? She's been doing so well, I bet she was pretty shocked. Please give her my love and tell her I will pray for her every day. I'm glad you both got to take that trip to Scotland before she had to start new treatments.



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Don and Lucie, I'm so sorry it wasn't ALL good news this time...but my prayers are with you that this, too, will be overcome and Lucie will again enjoy a looooong period of "nonsickness".

I'm glad she's getting some relief from the radiation...and I hope that further treatments will take care of the rest. Sending you my most positive thoughts and vibes.

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So sorry to hear about Lucie's set back. I hope the chemo options are good ones and that they can take care of these last problems. Meanwhile I am happy to hear about the pain problem getting better. You are in my prayers daily...and will continue to be.


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Dear Don,

I am glad that Lucie is having relief from the rad.

But I am so sad that the PET showed some more problems. Lucie has been doing so well, hopefully the onc. will get her back there pronto.

Prayers and thoughts definitely for you both.

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