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Applying for Disability Social Security


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Dolly, (love the handle!)

Yes apply right away. He will probably have a waiting period, but a stage 4 dx is an almost guarenteed acceptence to SSD. Our expert on this is Norme, PM her and she will most likely be glad to answer your questions on this.



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This is the way my disablity insurance went. I first was on short term disability, then long term, and finally SSD. The insurance company had me apply for SSD after about 9 months. The insurance company will help you along the way. SSD will not start until your husband is off 6 months. I had to repay the insurance company after I recieved the back pay from SSD. I was never without disability pay.

Your doctors are a big help with thier reports.

Good luck with this damm disease and your disabilty insurance.


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Just saw your post. Not knowing much about your husband's work I will assume he is still working full time and doing the job he has always done and not being subsidized by his employer at all then I would wait to see about the disability from his employer's insurance company. Some are different from others. I will assume that somewhere along the line they will have him file for Social Security disability but would not jump the gun until they say to. He needs to see what they will pay and what their rules are regarding Social Security disability benefits. Nine out of ten the Social Security benefits will be offset $ for $.v Normally they will continue to pay until your Social Security starts then you will pay back as John did so keep that in mind....

You can pm me anytime if you need more info....

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I am like John. There was short term coverage, then the long term. My work disability worked with a company called Allsup to help with the SS disability. I didn't have to fill out all that paperwork. Allsup did it for me at no charge. Maybe they charge the co. I worked for. Here is there e-mail.

www.allsupinc.com It's worth checking out if you need your Social Security. It's your money if you worked most you life. Might as well get some now while its still around.If you mention my name they will send me a referral fee & we can donate it back to LC Help. Good luck let me know how you make out.

Rachel Stromme

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