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Onc Visit Today--Iressa update


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We saw the onc today, my mom has majorlly increasing fatigue, to the point it is worse than it was with chemo and radiation. They did the CBC and she is slightly anemic. He believes Iressa is causing her fatigue and anemia even though it is not the more "common" side effect. So the plan is to give her a shot every two weeks and if her fatigue does not get better in 6-8 weeks, we need to reevaluate whether Iressa is for her or not. As for the rash, she only has a few slight new freckles, which he says is an Iressa rash.

My dad asked him if there are long term studies regarding the use of Iressa as a "maintence" drug. He said not really b/c it is so new and that all of the articles we will read have to do more with Stage IV maintence. However, he said the abstracts we don't have access to suggest that if Iressa works so good in Stage IV, perhaps it should be used earlier in treatment and hence they are trying it out on people who have NED after surgery and chemo.

I also asked how long Iressa is taken for and he said 2 years max (not sure if that is everyone or just her situation).

That's the story. I hate seeing my mom so weak, but such is life on this roller coaster that for some reason won't stop. :)

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I know it breaks your heart to see your normally lively mother experiencing this fatigue. I believe with all my heart that it will pass. I know how you feel because my husband was really knocked down with chemo and radiation when he got them at the same time, immediately after WBR. My husband was so physically strong before treatment, that it really scared me. I thought the treatments were going to kill him instead of the cancer. It did all get better, so I feel pretty good about saying that this will pass for your beloved mom as well.

Hang in there, kiddo!



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It appears that your mother is in good hands medically. I'm not for one minute saying to drop the vigilence and asking questions, just feel secure in the knowledge that if the fatigue climbs to something your mother cannot handle, her doctor will know. It seems that your mother is being monitored extremely close and there is a "personal touch" in the doctor KNOWING her case, not just seeing her as a number...

Relax some, she's getting excellent care! (Uh, yeah, like I relax around tests...LOL). As long as she's a "guinea pig", ALL her reactions will be closely watched - while on Iressa as suppressive therapy, I was getting monthly scans and blood tests...now I'm on the 3-month plan. She's being watched - ever so thoroughly...

I just hope she listens to her body and naps when she really, really needs one...

Take care, keep hangin' in there!


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all I can offer at this point is my best hopes. I am afraid I am emotionially bankrupt on just about every other level but I know how deeply you love your mother. it shows in every post. I know your gut fear and that there is never a break from it.

enjoy every day with your mom.

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