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Things are looking up here at c-acres..at least with one eye

Remembering Dave

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Hello all, Another update. Things are getting better. Iam scheduled for surgury tomorow, Thursday at noon, to get a bone biopsy to see if it is an infection and see if my sinus is blocked and drain it and roto rooter it out if necessary. I went to the hospital yesterday and got more CT's, xrays and blood work and did the pre-op registration. Monday the doc called me and said to come to her office on the southside of Richmond (approx 20 miles the opposite way from home from where I work, which is 35 miles from home, geeze) and see her for the pre-op doc check. I did not mind since I knew the ball was rolling. When I was in the hospital yesterday I went up to see Karens mom and she was doing great, well as great as she could be a couple of days after surgury on her colon. They had her up and walking the halls, she had had 2 good meals, her first food in 5-6 days and she could drink fluids so she was in a pretty good mood. They are going to do a CT scan on her today and then release her and let her go home. Her Onc. wants her good and healed and strong before she starts any treatments for her Colon Cancer. Her sister and her Husband (Aunt Margaret and Uncle Wade to Karen) will be coming over to help her during her recovery time at home. They are pretty neat folks from W. VA., Wade loves to fish on our river and Margaret fixes some mean Catfish so I am sure we will get some good meals while they are here. I came home yesterday and mowed our entire place which is 7.8 acres and I mow about 3 1/2 acres.........not a good idea but had to be done and I certainly wont feel like doing it anytime soon after my surgury on my eye. Also got the poontoon boat all ready to go. My sister and her family from Northern VA are coming down for the July 4th weekend so we are all set for a merry 4th on the Mattaponi River, my eye allowing.....hey thats what pain pills are for.....right? They tell me I will be all black and blue like I got punched in the eye and will have an eye patch. Good Pirate material. Anyway, things have calmed down a bit around here and the course has been set, now all we have to do is what needs to be done. That and pray as always. I am sure Karen or I will update y'all on my surgury. Until then Thank you for your prayers and support and God bless us all.

David C

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I just talked to my Mom this morning, her surgeon had just come to visit her with results of her pathology from her colon surgery on Friday.

As a recap, when the surgeon went in to remove the section of the colon containing the tumor he saw a metastasis on her liver, he took a biopsy of it then "burned the hell out of it". He told us that in RARE instances a colon cancer can physically jump over to the liver without going through the lymph nodes. Well, guess what, her lymph nodes were clear!!! Yipee!! So they are pretty sure that her liver just has/had the one spot on the surface with no other spread anywhere else. They are presenting her case to the "Tumor Board" this morning to decide the best line of treatment but more than likely she'll still have surgery to remove that part of her liver and chemo.

Gosh, as long as Dave's bonkitis turns out to be just an infection and not a mets, then I think we may, once again, actually have beaten the beast back in all of us!

My Dad continues to be 110% after his heart procedure last week.

Now, if I could just get some rest . . . . but yes, am looking forward to Aunt Margaret's cooking and Uncle Wade's biting sarcasm (no, he's a great guy).

Karen C.

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Good to hear from you David, and you sound strong and optimistic!! I'm so glad Karen's mother is coming along well....and am equally glad that you're on the schedule for tomorrow for getting your bonkitis taken care of! Praying for it to be just an infection that is easily cleared up.

Oh...just saw your update, Karen....and what fabulous news for Mom!! I'm so glad to hear it!! That's got to have given all of you a real lift...and now we'll just carry that kind of good news over to David....and that will set the tone for a fabulous holiday weekend....right?

Enjoy the catfish and family time together.....and David, don't you worry about a few bruises. Years ago, I went thru 5 eye surgeries over 8 yrs. so I had *some fun* making up stories about how I got so bruised and beat-up looking! :wink: After the first time, saying, "I had surgery again" was kind of boring...so I made up some interesting tales. I'm sure there is no reason why you can't weave yourself a creative story to explain your bruises and eye patch.....eh? :):wink:

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Good News Indeed!!

Enjoy your Fourth of July with your family around you.

Glad your mom's doing well, ditto your dad.

Good luck tomorrow for your sinus/bonk surgery.

( I will still come growl at it if needed). :)

What a time for potty training!!... lol...

And as always, prayers...



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Oh, yeah, did we mention the potty training? Mandatory for the two almost three year olds at Faith's "school", it's potty training boot camp. The put a diaper on them for nap time so Faith's new trick (this kid has gotta outsmart you whenever possible, I think it's how she survived in the orphanage), anyway, her trick is to hold her bladder until nap time, then when they put the diaper on her she empties her bladder into her diaper. Yesterday she had one accident, filled her diaper at nap time, but never pee'd in the potty despite numerous times sitting her down on it. We have so much other stuff going on right now I'm just keeping her in pull-ups at home, I don't have time for this, and they understand that at daycare.

I just had a two hour code of conduct training and my lack of sleep became noticeable in there. The room was hot, the subject was boring (although the instructor is a friend so I felt her pain in teaching the class) and I nodded off several times.

Karen C.

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