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Mike's Surgery Results


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Mike's surgery went well today. He was up eating his lunch at noon, walking by 1:00 pm.

He still has what they call "break thru" pain until they get the medication adjusted through the pump. They told us the first 24-48 hours is "adjustment time".

This afternoon the doctor from the hospital stopped by and told us we could go home. He said we will need to come back in two weeks when Mike's incision healed. He told Mike to go home and heal, get stronger and be back on June 23 to start treatment.

Tomorrow I will get more details on "total" game plan. Our case manager is gathering more information for us.

Dr King also told Mike to go home and get some good home cooked meals. I looked at Mike and said "Where are you going to get those?" (I hate to cook! LOL)

I asked Dr King about the PET scan and he reported there were NO surprises...only tumors where we saw them on the cat scans. He has a large tumor in the lower right lung, a number of tumors in the liver, but no bone metastasis, no adrenal metastasis, and no lymph node involvement except at the liver. His brain metastasis is stable since February (and that was a very promising report in February). Praise God for His tender mercies. I really think it could be MUCH worse, but then I'm an insufferable optimist....but if you know me - you know that already!

We will be staying through Saturday, planning on getting flight out of here on Saturday morning. Tomorrow Mike will be seen by the pain management doctor to adjust the pump and will get continued physical and occupational therapy. He is getting exercises for his hands that will help the numbness in them. The doctor said we could leave tomorrow, but Mike and I both felt we needed more time to make sure he is up to the trip. Also, as I have said before - this place is more like a retreat center than a hospital. Mike and I will stay in the guest room Thursday and Friday nights - have some down time and it will be a good experience for Mike to interact with other cancer "warriors". They also have classes on nutritition, naturopathic medicine, dealing with stress, pastoral care and that sort of "support" education in which I would like to participate.

Our experience here has been wonderful. Rarely, if ever, does anyone come into our room where they don't leave us with a word of prayer. The faith in God being the Great Healer and the doctors and staff's attitude's of being a vessel God uses to bring "care" to the sick and dying has been remarkable to experience.

Only God knows the outcome of this process we are going through, but I can tell you this....The entire process is easier when you are surrounded by people of Faith who want to build you UP, not tear you down.

Thank you for your continued prayers. God bless you all.

Love and hugs,

Shannon & Mike

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Shannon, I am so glad to hear the surgery went well. Your optimistic attitude and Mike's determination are a true source of inspiration to me. I pray for continued success for you and Mike. It is also so refreshing to hear the way you are being treated by the medical staff, they sound like wonderful people. I will be thinking of you and wish you all the best on June 23. God bless you.

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Guest canuckwebgrrl

I'm glad the surgery went so well :P

I wish Mike a speedy recovery, and the strength to start treatment later this month.

Your posts inspire us! Keep up the good work :D

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I am so glad everything went well. Your posts really fill me with hope. Not only am I inspired by the wonderful treatment you've been receiving, and the positive environment that you are in, but I find such an emotional release when I read about your interactions with Mike. There is so much love there, and you are an exceptionally beautiful couple. You are a terrific wife, and you take such good care of Mike. I think God is speaking to you, and to us through you.

I am praying and wishing for all the best for you. Have a safe and good trip home.

God Bless,


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