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Jen's update-day 2 chemo


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So far so good. Yesterday was 4 hours long and I was very nervous.

saline for a bit, Aloxi, Decadron, Lassix and mannitol.

VP 16 for 45 minutes Cisplating for 2 hours

Headache and bodyaches all night

Today vp16 only 2 hours ( I had them reduce the decadron from 10 mg to 4 as its too tough on me-up all night)

headache and sleepy so far. Dont feel myself, but

NO VOMITING so far in 28 hours!!!!!!!! A little buzzing in my ears.

Taking Zofran and ativan every 8 hours at home

Day three tommarow.

Thank-you for all of your feedback on all my other posts and for saying my pic was nice. You have all been kind and my true support.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Good for you Jen. I know how scared you were of the chemo. You have shown a lot of courage. Applause for Jen!!

Can you hear it? I hope so. :D


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Good news!! Congrats on day 2. See it's not that bad. You can make it, I know it. That decadron is wicked stuff, I hate it. And yes, by the way, a good looking brood you have there. Beautiful photo. Day 3 to come and after that it will be old news. Chemo days were special to me because I knew that what they were putting in my veins was killing the cancer, I helped it along with Shostakovich's 5th Symphony through my headphones as I was getting my chemo. Kill the cancer, kill the cancer. Hope you sleep better tonight.

David C

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Hi Jen,

I haven't been able to get on here. Glad to hear the news and how well you've made out. I do remember that my legs ached. They felt like a combination of restlessness & growing pains.

Good for you Jen. It's not as bad & some think. Hang in there & keep us posted.


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