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Done lurking, have good news


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I posted a few times in February when my mom was just diagnosed, but have been laying low since then....I have learned so much from this board and look forward to hearing how everyone is doing each day. For some reason it's been hard for me to post. We kept getting bad news...it's in the lymph nodes....she's in ICU again...it's spread to the liver despite everything she's been going through....And I just didn't have the heart to share that with people. I don't know why.

MO's death really shook me up, and I didn't even know her. But I felt like I did, and all I could think about was how unfair this (bleeping) disease is.

Finally, after about 5 months of dealing with this, we finally got good news. AND I WANT TO SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! :D We had scans last week and her lungs and lymph nodes are clear and the liver mets are "barely visible." From here we continue her current chemo and then start talking about PCI.

After the doctor's appt my mom said if he told her it hadn't done that much good, she was going to stop treatment because she didn't think her body could physically or emotionally take it--I just keep thinking how different my life could be at this very moment had he given us different news. Thank you, GOD.

Anyway, just wanted to share...and you all probably didn't even know it, but there's been someone in Wisconsin praying for you every day....Thank you all for being my hope.

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That is indeed good news!!!!!

I am so very happy for you and your mother. You must be overjoyed.

I am thankful your mom's therapies worked so very well. :):)

Now that you've come out of hiding, please keep us in the loop on how your mom is doing. You're part of the family now... lol...

And thank you for thinking of us.


Prayers, always


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Good news on your mom. I'm disappointed when people don't post bad news and only good. It robs us of a chance to support each other and to be honest and open. Then we become like everyone else out there in the world who put on a nice face but we never know them, and they run for the hills if you have any bad news. I hope this site remains open and honest and supportive and people feel free to share whatever news they have -- ups, downs, middlin' Don

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laberl, Great news indeed!!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy for you and your mom. I know what you mean, there have been several people here who's passing has had a great impact on me personally and on my posting habits. I try and post as much as possible but with going back to work full time and a 2 year old it is hard to get the time to get on the computer much less reply with my lightening fast dial up connection and 2 finger style of typing. Please keep us updated.

David C

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Well, now see....you've been praying for us....but now that you've come out of lurkdom WE can pray for you and your mom too! Isn't it better that way? :wink:

I know what you mean about being impacted by the people here....even if you are more a lurker than a poster. I hadn't been here very long...but Mo's death upset me a great deal too.

I'm so delighted that your mother got some good news and that her therapy has worked so well...but Don really said it, that we are here for good news and for bad. So...now that you've started with some really good news....let's hope you just continue to have only good news to post. In fact, I wish and pray for that for ALL of us!!

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