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my sister now has cancer


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I am so sorry this has happened to you again and I am sorry for your sis too. My friend, Meg, had agressive, invasive breast cancer 18 years ago. She had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation and is doing just fine today, although she did have a heart attack at age 55, but she is still doing good.

My prayers are with you and your sister. Remember all of us here are family too. Please, please stay in touch. We care and we want to help.

Love and hugs,


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It is hard to believe that one family should be visited with all this agony. I feel so badly for you and your sister. Please don't despare, I agree with the others, your chances are good.

Lots of love and God Bless,


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I am so sorry that you are going through this again, and again, and again. To say that it isn't fair is a gross understatement. No one should have to go through all that you have in this past year. (((( SHELLIE)))))

I wish I could come there and wrap my arms around you, stroke your hair and tell you it will all be alright until you felt strong again and believe it in your heart.

That always made me feel better when my mom used to do it. But I know the anxiety, grief, fear, and anger you must be experiencing must need stronger medicine. So, you have 1200 people here reaching out with our hearts to tell you "it will all be alright".

As everyone before has said, there have been tremendous advances in Breast Cancer, and now a days treatments are very successful and there is a HIGH cure rate. Your sister can beat this, it just means more battles to be fought and more support on your part.

You BOTH can get through this. If your sister is anything like you, she is remarkably strong, and WILL beat breast cancer. And you, you are my hero. You stand strong in the face of this monster, not once but twice and have never let it beat you. You are strong, and you have given your parents the best care, the most love, and unimaginable comfort and peace when they needed it most. You feel empty and beaten down, but you are still standing, and I know you will be the rock your sister needs because you have secret strength and reserves you don't even know about, you have an inner power that is supported by the size of your heart.

I will be praying hard for you and your sister. Please, e-mail me if you ever want to talk, or need to let it all out. I will e-mail you my phone# if you want it.

Love You


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Counselor - now.

How I see it:

For some reason, this is happening AROUND you. These bombs are falling AROUND you, they are not hitting you. There is another purpose for you, Shelly. YOU are the "glue", the one that everyone can depend on, and that is what you are being called on to do. Your sister NEEDS your support, don't give up! Don't give up on her, but more importantly, Shelly, don't give up on YOU! You make a difference, you are needed - and right now, you need to get over "yourself". You need to STOP thinking "poor me", it's going to pull you apart! Focus on the fact that it's NOT you, you are witnessing it, but it's not you.

Get the counseling, the sooner the better. You need to strengthen your resolve. Your sister isn't going to die JUST BECAUSE she has cancer. She is going to die SOMEDAY because that's the way it works, NO ONE lives forever...but Shelly, don't check out on life now! You have a husband, you have friends, you have LOVE! C'mon, girl, FEEL it...

Take the time to refresh your soul, you've been running on fumes far too long! We are ALL in your corner, Shelly, don't throw in the towel!



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Oh Shelly, it sucks. But it is doable, although I KNOW you would rather be any place else doing anything else.

Please keep me informed as you continue with doctors. I have had a long time with this disease, and they are making advances every day.

I will be leaving Saturday for a week with my family, but hopefully you'll know something before then.



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I am so sorry to hear this news. I was praying that she was going to be negative. I also have a Sister that had breast cancer a year before my Brother came down with lung cancer and she was a stage 2b. She is a year out now and feeling great. She did have a double masectomy but only because she chose to not have to worry about the 2nd breast having cancer at a later date. All the breast tissue was benign. She still woriies of course but she lives her life and has had to endure the loss of her Brother just a few short weeks ago.

God does not decide he is going to give this one and that one cancer. Cancer as well as all the diseases we know happen all around us and God does not cause it.

I lost my Dad at 46 yrs old and now my brother at 46 and my Sister was dx with her cancer at 39. Heart disease ran in our family, never cancer. Well now we have them both in our family. BTW my Dad did not die of cancer but heart disease. We all have to accept the cards we are dealt and play them the best way we know how.

I am a very emotional person and this has all taken quite a toll on me, but there is no way I would ever give up on life. When it is my turn to go is when I will go and not until.

Let me also tell you that I was 28 yrs old when my husband of 29 yrs old was killed in a car accident. We had two sons and one was 7 years old and the other was 8 months old. We had been married just short of 10 years. I have seen my share of heartache. I will say that is the first time I questioned God. I soon learned that God does not cause these things to happen. My faith is very strong and I believe with all my heart that your Sister will be okay but she will need you to help her through this. I know you must feel so tapped out but God will give you the strength.

Your Sister and you are in my prayers always,


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Dear Shelly,

I am so, so sorry this load has been added to your burden but, hey, you've already proven you're strong - very strong. Keep the faith, try to stay positive, and read and re-read all these posts by and about breast cancer SURVIVORS.



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The WHY, have already been answered,

but I will put my 2 cents in.

I got bc in 1999, very agressive, no treatment for it

as only 31 women in the world got it (from 1981 to 2000)

and they are all gone. I am number 32........

But, I am still around and doing great.

As for the why, never cancer in both our famlies, but

my husband died from lc last year and I have bc, so

I don't ask questions just try to keep well.

Prayers going for your sister and for you.


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Yes, Shellie, this news really does suck. Cancer sucks. And you have a right to be angry and in dispair. But pleast don't stay there. Read what everyone has said, and then read what Becky wrote several times! You must be totally tapped out right now, but you can do this -- You can be there for your sister and support and encourage her and help her through it.

How old is your sister? The older, the better with this one. I've known MANY women who've had breast cancer, and the ONLY one who didn't make it (a wonderful woman who was a volunteer I worked with, raising money for cancer research!)... she was very young (which is when breast cancer is most aggressive). And she lived for almost 10 years, fighting and most of that time winning -- living a good quality of life.

Shellie, you feel the way you do, and you have a right to it. Just know that we're all here knowing that you'll pick yourself up and get through this. You will. And you have my prayers, as does your sister.



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Prayers and hugs to you and your sister. With your help, she can get through this. I know you have been through so much and have to be so drained, but try to somehow find the strength to help your sister (I know you can). I have a sister who I am very close to and we handled my dad's illness and death together. It made us even closer and realize how lucky we are to be sisters no matter how much time we may have together. God challenges us in many ways and sometimes we have to wonder what His "plan" is, but have to believe that he will support us and help us through the difficult times. Hang in there and remember we all care!

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No words can express how you must be feeling....and I know no words of comfort from me can ease what you must be going through. Maybe a bit down the road, but not right now.....so I'm just giving you a big hug.

We all care deeply for you.....believe that......you are loved here.


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