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Continued Nausea, what do you think?


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My Mom finished her final and 6th round of chemo on June 3. She is still having small bouts of nausea upon waking and just during the day. She takes a small amount of ativan and it seems to disappear. She started radiation last week and the rad. onc. says it can't be from the radiation. After months of chemo, I'm thinking its just all the toxins staying with her. Has anyone had nausea that lasted so long? She's still getting out just fine for radiation and lunch but it is annoying, and I find myself worrying... The rad. onc. thinks ativan will make her sleepy or dizzy and she should go to the zofran, but she seems to get relief from it. What do you all think?

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Hmmm....as you know I'm just past cycle two...but the past few mornings....generally AFTER I'm up and have had breakfast...I've been mildly queasy. Same thing after I eat lunch. I haven't yet taken anything for it...because I was attributing it to my anxiety over the amifostine shot and getting sick last Friday.

But....the last two days, I've tolerated the shot just fine...and my anxiety is much reduced...so who knows what this queasiness is from?

I've had very good luck with the Zofran in general, for nausea, during chemo. I actually only took Ativan before bed because I was concerned I'd get drowsy from it and I thought it was more to help me sleep anyway, than for nausea! The Compazine label says the same thing about drowsiness...but the Zofan does NOT warn against drowsiness!!

I suppose it could still be a lingering effect. Is Mom still drinking lots of water? Maybe that would help flush it out of her system?

You know...if Mom is hesitant to further ask the doc about this...suggest she call and ask one of the nurses. Sometimes the nurses are even more "front line" with some of this stuff and what they suggest works even better than what a doctor offers up...ya know? :wink: Be sure and let us know how she does. I hope she finds some relief. I do understand how even mild queasiness or nausea can annoy!! :?

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It's been a while since my treatments finished and I took Anzemet the whole time I was on chemo. Other meds were tried at first but Anzemet was the only thing that kept it at bay. For breakthrough moments I took Ativan and kept a supply of ginger cookies at hand (they really helped).

I found that if I went too long without food I would feel real nauseous and would get to the point were I couldn't eat. I started on carboplatin and VP16 and then changed to cisplatin and VP16 due to an allergic reaction. I tried several times to stop the meds in case I didn't need them any more but the nurses told me not to be a hero and keep it under control all the time.

Hope this helps, as soon as I started the Anzemet I stopped hugging the porcelain!

Be strong


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I took lorazepam /atavan 1 mg twice a day AND zofran 3 times a day, sometimes 4 if needed. The zofran is much more effective, and if she's having breakthrough or mild nauseau, she should try the zofran.

Nausea is much easier to prevent ....

One contributing factor was a sour stomach, so I also took prilosec every day along with the other meds. I believe that contributed to the relief.

Good luck to your mom's poor tummy.


Prayers, always


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