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Maria, Sandy about gleevec and chicago area

Guest Jonathan

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Guest Jonathan

Hi Maria,

Where are you calling from, I am on the south side of Chicago, and I have some infomation that may or may not be of help to you. The drug glevec was developed and invented by a researcher at the sixth best cancer center in the country- right here at home. The University of Chciago Hospitals and the Center for Advanced Medicine's Dr. Janet Rowley, is who invented and made gleevec. She researches cancer and she is in the new drug develoment dept. at the University of Chicago's Cancer Research Center. She is an amazng woman, who worked on that drug for over twenty years. The first trial done on it, was for chronic myloid leukemia pateints, and it was only a phase I trial, but when it put 31 out of 31 patients with that disease into immediate remission, they knew they had a winner. It immediately was investigated by drug companies and sold to them, for immediate widespread use. If you have questions about gleevec, you may want to contact Janet Rowley, and see if they are doing anything with it at the Center for Advanced Medicine.

That hospital is a truly wonderful place! It was ranked the 6 th best in cancer by US News and World Report's annual rankings of America's Best Hospitals. It also ranked at 13th best hospital in the nation overall. They truly are leading experts there, especially in cancer. They have so many drugs in development there that a patient being treated there has a lot of access to things that other doctors do not have. You can get Dr. Janet Rowley's email address by going to www.uchospitals.edu

By going there, you go to the "find a physician" section and fill in the blanks from there. The number to the hospital is....

773-702-1000 (main number)

773-702-6149 (Oncology Center in the Center for Advanced Medicine)

1-888 UCH-0200 (patient referral)

This hospital works in oncolegical teams to maximize the best treatment. I would recommend switching here to anyone in Illinois, and that is a pretty bold statement! People go there for second opinions all of the time, and they are often told that what their oncologist in the community hospital is doing is correct or appropriate. BUT that is because the oncoogists at U of C are basing that on the fact that the oncologists in regular hospitals do not have access to research drugs, but only standard approved therapies. What the patient does not know is that if they were to switch care that they would be getting more closely watched care given by a team of oncologists as opposed to just one. Their oncologists specialize in certain forms of cancer and do research in their fields, testing new drugs when conventional therpies fail. However, a patient in a community setting would be much more likely to be treated by one oncologist who treats all cancers and is not doing the research in the field of lung cancer if they were in a community or regular hospital. The major thing about being at a TOP cancer hospital is that you have access to trials that if you were in your local hospital you would most likely not have access to. I have met people from Indiana, Wisconsin, and Georgia that have come their for treatment and they travel all that way for this expertise. There oncologits there usually give a CT every 2 cycles of chemotherapy as oppose to 3 or 4 like most other hospitals. They want to know when the chemo is working and when it is not, immediately so they can get hold of the cancer. In the rankings, U of C came in at number six in the country for cancer treatment, and Mayo Clinic was number five, and number four was John Hopkins, so that is the material that we are talking about here at home, in our own back yard. What amazes me is that many people are unaware of this fact. By the way, U of C came in at the number one hospital in Illlinois and the midwest region for cancer treatment!

Names of lung cancer specialists there are...

Dr. Everett Vokes

Dr. Charles Rudin

Dr. Golumb

Dr. Fleming

Dr. Mauer

The number to the Cancer Center in the Center for Advanced Medicine is

(773) 702-6149

I would strongly recommend treatment there to anyone and I know whole heartedly and first hand that they truly are thee best aroud here, not to mention one of the best in the nation. As you all know, when you have cancer and are playing with your life, you want the very best treatment you can find, you want the most options and most aggressive care, not just anyone, especially when your life depends on it!

Jonathan te11t@aol.com (773) 817-2494

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Thank you for the information.

My father was treated at UofC by Drs. Hoffman and Rudin -although neither of them suggested gleevec as an option. We learned about it through Rush. Unfortunately (as my last post under the Gleevec post stated) my father passed away in April before he could take advantage of any potential benefit from Gleevec.

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