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HOW WE CAN HELP people going in to the hospital

Guest bean_si (Not Active)

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In the hospital for three weeks after surgery - SLEEP whenever you can. I took a couple of easy-read books, crossword puzzles, hand-held PDA w/games on it, etc. I couldn't concentrate on anything, I watched TV...talked to the nurses...probably could have handled a kiddie-gartner's coloring book and crayons...

I took some pictures with me - special people to 'be there' all the time, I took a Tigger, a list of phone numbers...a CALLING CARD - PRE-PAID phone card!

I don't have answers on the other stuff - are any of us even remotely close to you??

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A good discharge planner will help you obtain the equipment you need from a hospital supply store. Your insurance should (hopefully) cover home care if your doctor orders it. Before you leave the hospital make sure you have everything you need lined up.

As far as the other stuff, stock up before you go. Got a neighbor that will pick things up for you when they run to the store? A friend or co-worker that will drop things off or stop in?

Ok, the hospital. Having spent a week in one not long ago its not pleasant. The boredom is hard to deal with. I talked to people on the phone, read and watched the Home and Garden Network all day or found an old movie. Make friends with the nurses and they will hang out in your room. :wink: I met some nice people. Also, the volunteers came around and some of them were interesting to talk to. I complained so much about the food I even got a visit from the dietician (I hope you aren't a vegetarian).

Hang in there. Rochelle

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I also took a lightweight very colorful blanket (mexican stripes), I was in hosp about three weeks also. Nurses loved it, brightened up the room.

Took a plastic mug, bought special to be cheerful, and herbal tea bags, made a ritual with one of the night nurses to get my herb tea and a chat at 9 pm.

Cozy slippers, for those evening dances down to the nurses station and back (get up! walk! Walk more! every day!) and warm socks-- I like the kind with extra cushy terrycloth inside, white athletic socks....

(plenty changes underwear, and panty liners.... )

Nice bathrobe, ditto. Nice nightshirt, ditto. By nice I mean make you feel good, not winning award kind of nice. I treated myself to a new winniethepooh nightshirt, was able to wear at day 3...

Small cloth handkerchief, with small bottle of spray scent (not sweet at all!!). Life savers for dry mouth.

Small totem animal for the darned IV poles that followed me every where.

Change for a newspaper (someof the orderlies are bribeable).

Small bills for the gift cart - they once in a while do have decent books/magazines.

The only other thing I had, at the hospital, was an orthopedic bed, because I had such extensive shoulder/thoracic surgery, I used the bars to pull myself up right with my good arm..

Oh yes, extra pillow (mine from home), and small pillow for coughing.....

plus lotion, those darned hospital laundries leave things rough.....


Prayers, always, mo ghra...


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Thanks to everyone for their input. MaryAnn, I really enjoyed the info on making your room homey. :D:D

I've been taking up too much time on this board and I think it's time to take a break and pursue other interests. (Going back to the Sidhe remark)

Thanks again.


P.S. Ginny, you seem to know quite a bit about the Celtic culture. :D It warms my heart!

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Hello and I hope the mass is not cancer. Hope you are okay. I also am in Cleveland, but my utilities are all paid. I too had some money in the bank so I couldn't get any help from SSI while I waited the six months for Disability. Metro Hospital in Cleveland gives free medical care if you are below the poverty level. Thank God for them! My friend was there and he would not listen to me and did not go for a financial review. He had a stroke several years ago and did not make any payment arrangements or anything so Metro Hospital put a lien on his house for the $2000 he owes. Now he has prostate cancer and goes to the VA, but he has to go to court Tuesday because Metro is suing him for that $2000 and want to guaranshee his Social Security and Retirement pay. Just wanted to let you know if worse ever came to worse, God forbid, there is Malachi House where terminal patients who have no money can stay and have good care free of charge. It is in Cleveland. It is not run by the Catholic Church. It is open to any creed or race. My friend just passed away there earlier this month, They do not take money from the patients, you can keep your Social Security. It is supported entirely by donations and there are only 17 beds so you receive a lot better care than a nursing home.

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Cat, If you are going to the hospital I would like to know what happened. I am worried about you. My hospital stay was not a pleasant one so I will not comment on how to make it better...I was so sick to my stomach from the anesthesia that I didn't eat much or do much of anything. I hope yours is much better. Will keep you in my prayers...


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'm not sure if there will be surgery. After reading the information posted on amount of radiation you can have before surgery, I checked my records and found the dosage they gave me exceeded the amount allowed. If what I read on the board is true, if I have surgery I may not heal. Also, my white blood count is only 2.9. I can't seem to get it up.

Thanks for your input. Yesterday was a rough day (I just woke up after my usual 3 hours of nightmare sleep). I got notice that this dufus woman driver is suing me over a parking lot accident that was her fault. My daughter was driving and was in such shock she just agreed that it wasn't the woman's fault because she thought in Florida, it was no fault for property damage and that meant the woman's insurance company would have to pay for damages to her BRAND NEW fancy Volvo.

I think I need to start taking anti-depressants. I have zoloft but keep forgetting to take it. :(

I think I've said this before - a long time ago. I wish that God had arms and He could just wrap them around me and hug the fear out of me.


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Cat, your compost heap is getting to be a mighty high heap o' cr*ap, isn't it? The universe should at least give you a moment to catch up on the shoveling :cry:

Take the Zoloft, seriously. It can really help take the brunt off of some of this for you. It worked miracles for me not so long ago.

I wish my arms were long enough to reach you too. God's are there for you. Take a rest in them and he will comfort you and give you the strength to keep on shoveling.

With Love,


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