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Question about chemo


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Len underwent his first chemo this past Monday (carbo/taxol) and so far everything is going very well. He felt truly grand for a day or two (oh, those steroids), he's had no nausea as of yet and is back to sort of normal feeling right now. I know we can expect fatigue to set in with the blood count going down next week, but we were pleased that he didn't feel dragged out after the decadron wore off.

He has had no nausea whatsoever. Again, I know that everyone has a different experience with chemo but we were wondering if the aloxi was still working and if so, when it would wear off. We do have compazine (in case). Is there a general timetable, other than the one for fatigue/platelets/infection susceptibility that the oncologist gave us, for the side effects - nausea, joint pain, nerve tingling, etc., etc. - that we've been warned about?

As it is, I'm keeping a record each day so next time I will be prepared for whatever happens.


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You're doing a good thing, keeping a record, so when you notice changes in patterns around the chemo, you'll be in a better position to report and possibly prevent some of the side affects.

That said, much of the side effects are cumulative; even so, that the first chemo went so very well is a good sign.

I hope things continue to go well..


Prayers always,


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