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Guest Jonathan

Hi Ada,

I not trying to be negative or anything, but as you probably already know, iressa's effectiveness is very much limited, and most people are not helped by it much. When looking at the bottom of your posting of what you have been on, there are other drugs that you can have that will most likely help you kill that cancer way better than with iressa. I will list them for you so you can go back that good oncologist that you liked, and ask him about them. - sort of like a plan B if this therapy fails, or even if iot helps you but them stops at some point. Get your plan b of action started now so you are ready for action and the next step- YOU CAN STILL BEAT THIS!!!

They are...

CPT-11 ( very pomising new chemo for NSCLC and SCLC!!)

cytoxin (with vincristine and adriamycin or alone)

vinblasine ( I think it is also called navelbine)

Then after trying those ask about any phase I studies at your major cancer center of new chemos. First thing I would want next if i were you is the CPT-11 because it is very promising, and ask then if they will combine it with something else. Be ready and take action against this monster as you have been doing do not back down.

Jonathan (te11t@aol.com)

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Dear Jonathan,

Thank you so much for your kind post. I have printed your information and will certainly ask about your recommended chemotherpy agents.

My plan is to take the IRESSA until I go to Pittsburgh in July. If the IRESSA is not working by then, I will ask the surgeon, radiologist and oncologist about other options. Your suggestions are very appreciated.

I had an appointment with my pulmonologist yesterday. He was pretty doom and gloom. I left feeling that all I have to look forward to in life is to eventually get sick and die. I was so overwhelmed.

On a more positive note, I feel very fortunate that besides being Stage IV now, I am feeling quite strong physically. I would certainly like to beat this and still believe that there is something out there that is going to help me.

Thanks for you help.


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