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Types of Biopsy


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I am beginning to question my DX. Though the primary has been biopsied nothing else has. I have had a bone scan, pet scan and x-rays on the rest. All these test indicated that my left humorus and right hip and right orbital are consistent with bony metastasis. I am reluctant to have them biopsy my arm or hip as if they are cancerous then it may further weaken the bone. After six months of miserable pain in my arm and hip, this pain finally left so that’s another reason for my reluctance. My oncologist stated if they did a biopsy on my hip or left arm and it came back negative he wouldn’t believe it anyway. Are there any procedures that are definitive for a biopsy on the bone that is non invasive or doesn’t compromise the already weakened area.

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I have mets to bone...several areas, but have never had any sort of biopsy of the bone. It has been determined through bone scans. I am presently getting a monthly infusion of Zometa to strengthen the bone and have found that my being on Celebrex has pretty much eliminated the pain I was experiencing in my shoulders, back and, even oddly enough, hand. Someone else may have better answers for you. Good luck on this...pain be NO good, that's for sure.


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