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We are falling apart


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I feel a need to vent a bit and bring you up to date. You may or may not remember that I ask for a hall passs to attend granddaughter's wedding June 19 in Mi. We left for the airport at 7:30 AM so did not receive Becky's (Snowflake) message about a new phone number. Becky, I hope you received the voice mail I left after several unsuccessful attempts to call.

I think I mentioned before that my 82 year old husband had slipped in the shower in May causing 2 bulging and one herniated disk and LOTS of pain. He had gone for an epidural shot but the doctor wouldn't give it to him until he had been off blood thinner for 14 days and it didn't

get scheduled until July 6 (more than 14 days). Anyhow he got up the morning of the 18th saying he felt bad and didn't think he sould make the trip. All I heard for weeks was he wouldn't miss the wedding "for the world". He couldn't tell me where or why he felt bad except he felt nauseated and I felt he would always regret it if he missed this only granddaughter's wedding so I put a barf bag in my purse and we took off. Because he was having so much pain if he put any weight on his leg and was unsteady, I had told his son to get a wheelchair for us to use and had requested one to change planes in Detroit. By the time we boarded in Detroit his legs were buckling under him and I wondered if he would make it to row 8 but we did. Son met us, we rested and then went to the rehearsal dinner where we met Joy's future in-laws and had a good evening. Maybe it was premonition, our daughter-inlaw's sister is a Registered nurse and she was in the hotel room next to us and she told me to call her if I needed her which I did at 2AM. Bill had a 102.4 temp and was in respiratory distress. So I took my oygen off (thank God I had requested it be delivered to the hotel) and we put it and cold wet cloths on him and with Tylenol got the temperature down. With the help of his son that took him to DC for the WW2 memorial, we finally got him dressed but by then he couldn't support himself at all. Anyhow, we made it to the wedding and as soon as his picture was taken with the bride and groom we left for the ER. Skipped a lovely sit down meal( reception). He stayed in the hospital a week while they treated pneunonia and ruled out a cardiac problem, had s little PT so he could at least stand. The next day we flew home and were so glad to get here. He is much better but still uses the wc some and a walker other times. Despit the fact that he is 82 he has been a very active man with a garden, large yard and involved in numerous civic activities. Definitly hot handling being inactive.

While we were gone my single daughter had a biopsy of the nodules around her thyroid. Despite 5 needles (2 to deaden and 3 to obtain tissue) the report came back" inconclusive". So she has to wait until July 26th for surgery and to me this doesn't make a bit of sense but they wil remove 1/2 of the thyroid and then if it is malignant will go back in 4-6 weeks to remove the remainder. I don't understand why they can't send a section to the lab while they are in there-2 surgeries don't make sense to me, but will just keep praying that it isn't malignant.

Back in My I wrote about being upset with my last radiology report because it was incomplete, saying the nodule had slightly increased in size but didn't say how much. I ask for an addendum being more specific which I didn't get although the radiation oncologist had said she would ask for one too. When I went to my friend the Pulonologist last month he too was unhappy with the incomplete report and the fact that there had been no discussion of treatment- just run another scan in 4 months so he took it upon myself to order another scan for next Wed (the 7th) So I will have it then and see him the 13th. I don't know where we will go from there- back to medical onc or find a new one or what. Will discuss all this with the pulmonologist .

Please keep all of us in your prayers and forgive me for rambling on so much.

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I am just sitting here crying. You were one of the first people who responded to my needs. And there's really little I can do for you except pray for all of this to turn out wonderful. I know it's hard for your husband to have to slow down, but slowing down can be healthy too. I pray for your daughter and for you to find answers to all.



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Wow you have a lot going on! I am so glad that your husband is doing a little better and that he did get to see his granddaugther get married.

You have so much strength and courage and I admire you for getting on that plane!

Did your daugther get a second opinion? I ahte waiting, it just is no fair.

Please keep us posted!

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I am SO sorry I missed you! I am glad things DID "work out" so Grampa could make the girl's wedding and that you had such a wonderful "angel" right next door when you needed one. I am sorry your trip was such a tangled muddle and wish we could have met, but am SO GLAD that the entire purpose of the trip was accomplished.

Not sure on whazzup with two surgeries - sounds kind of odd to me, but I'm not a doctor...

I hope your scans come back COMPLETE and GOOD from your next visit to the picture taker...

Hang in there!


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'm praying for all of you. I hope you get a well deserved break. You need one right now. Take care.


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So sorry to hear of your woes - certainly not the news we like to hear. However, I wanted to let you know something regarding your daughter's situation. My best friend's father was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and they decided to deal with it before dealing with his more serious problem of major blockage to his heart which will require major bypass surgery. Anyway, the doctor told him that THYROID CANCER IS PROBABLY THE MOST TREATABLE/CURABLE TYPE OF CANCER and that he shouldn't be worried about it at all (but that's difficult, considering his 31 year old pregnant step-daughter was diagnosed with melanoma on March 4, 2003 and she and the baby died by March 29, 2003). Anyway, they did surgery to remove part of the cancer, but told him ahead of time that they didn't expect to get all of it. He's not having two surgeries (that does sound strange), but this week he's had radioactive treatment to "kill" his thyroid altogether and therefore its cancer. Fortunately, his heart hasn't "acted up" during any of this, but they have to get his thyroid replacement medication under control before cracking open his chest.

But I want to reiterate - the doctors were adamant that the thyroid cancer was nothing to be concerned about. So, I'll continue to pray that your daughter doesn't have cancer, but if she does, I think she's in much better shape than she might otherwise be.

Sorry if I rambled - hope you got SOMETHING out of this! At least know that I'm praying for the best for all of you.



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Wow, I must say that your husband has got the strongest will I have ever heard, I can't imagine dragging himself to that wedding in his condition. When he said he wouldn't miss it for the world he wasn't kidding. Well, good for him.

I hope your daughter's stuff goes OK. must be some reason for doing it again, thyroid stuff is very weird. We will pray for the best for that. I do think that thyroid cancer are fairly easily cured but hope like heck that's not it at all.

I sure hope you're able to keep yourself rested and taking good care of yourself through all of this.

God Bless,

Karen C.

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I had a classmate who had thyroid cancer when she was pregnant with her 4th child 30+ years ago. She is at evry reunion so yes I know it is treatable. But I am a Mom and mom's worry. Also due to budget cuts her special ed. teaching position wasn't renewed this year along with all other non-tenured teachers. Her insurance runs out in Sept. We are praying for a job too!!

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Remember to give yourself a break too. You have SOOOO much going on that you dont want to get burned out. Remember you have to be healthy to help yourself and those you love.

Hope things calm down for you soon...


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