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Ok every one if you will all remember i had asked about the immune builder called Transfer Factor ....Well i went ahead and bought some and we have been taking it now for a couple of week's.

Well about all we've noticed so far is my wife appear's to have more energy and i seem to sleep better and wake up alittle more energized,of course that could be the weather ,rainy and overcast for 2 week's now.But the real test will be how well the wife does this time on her Chemo.If anything exciting happen's i'll let you all know.......

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Thanks for the information and I'll be watching for follow-up. I just finished current chemo and want to use this break time to work on my immune system. My body needs to fight this disease!

Elain - I LOVE your signature line to Larry's post.


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I hope it works better than you hoped. I'm presently looking into Cancell. I'm just exploring the possibilities.


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Larry, you will not notice any great changes. Transfer Factor is meant to strengthen our immune system and help the body deal with infections and hopefully also tumour cells. Because it is usually only one of many "adjunct" treatments an individual may use it is difficult to evaluate. Rachel has been using it for about 6 months along with an array of antioxidants, IP6 and Inositol, and Rife and she is doing well. I certainly do not see how it could harm you.

Best wishes, Karel.

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