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We are still waiting on a decision from the insurance co. as to whether they will pay for out-of-network care for Charlie to go to Vanderbilt. I have had everyone praying at various churches, etc., etc. Would really like to have your support as well.

If only we didn't have to deal with bureacrats when it comes to saving lives. Please say a special prayer for these bureacrats to APPROVE it.

Thanks and God Bless.


P. S. As an accountant I am considered a bureacrat so I can bash them. Although, I have never held up a decision when someone's life was at stake!

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I just saw this Tina. I will be praying very hard. I certainly know what it's like to have those blankety-blank insurance companies holding your life in their (money grubbing) hands.

By the way, I've noticed that not too many people visit this forum. I'm guessing it's because they think it's for people to post messages on their personal spiritual thoughts and stuff like that. I dunno. I have noticed that many people post prayer requests in the general forum. So maybe you could try that.


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Sending prayers. I think there should be a special circle in hell just for those who thought up the hideous idea of HMOs. Can you tell I have problems with HMOs?

By the way, in some states it is a law that even HMOS have to cover clinical trials as if they were in network. Check your state law and if it's not in the laws in your state, then write to your state legislators. In my state they have to pay, but they don't have to cover travel and living arrangements while there etc., which seems reasonable.

However, here's the way they seem to be trying to get out of it here: The oncs say they don't know anything about clinical trials except the ones they are connected to. Let's put it this way: Wichita isn't exactly getting your top of the line trials. More like Trial Lite, it you get my drift. Or maybe Trials for Dummies.

Well all I meant to say is that I am praying for you and that I understand. SOrry, I vented. Lol.



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Tina, I'm so sorry the insurance issue didn't get worked out. I have to agree with Elaine. I'm glad to hear he did get started on the Navelbine, though. I hope this is the perfect chemo to kick his tumors butt!

Hang in there, Tina. I'm still sending prayers your all's way.


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Elaine and Gina,

Thanks for the replies. They got around the 48 hrs. by asking for more information a couple of times right when their time was up. Very convenient. I also believe they did it on purpose so they wouldn't have to pay for it. The sad part is they are going to pay anyway. This was a chance to get part of it paid by a clinical trial. Very pathetic! Thanks and take care.

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Tina sorry i dragged my feet on this,but i get so frustrated and upset with some of these insurance companies.I have to believe that if you file a complaint with your state insurance commissioner that you at worst could get a explanation.It may mearly be you must not have read the fine print and Oh Boy are the insurance companies good at that.But get on your computer and look up your state offices and give it a try,maybe at least you may get info you can use the next time......

Praying for you guy's......Larry...GOD BLESS>>>>

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