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Happy Anniversary to us!


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June 25th is our 20th wedding anniversary. For our 10th, I was in the midst of radiation treatment for my breast cancer.

We just booked a week long trip to California in August to attend a wedding, but we are extending the trip and just hitting the road. Just the two of us. 8) The teenager is staying home.

Won't think about the cost--we deserve this.

PS :roll: CAT scan is next week. Just have to get past that.

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I am only at 12 years as of 6/21/03 and at the rate that my husband tweeks my last nerve lately (lord knows all my nerves are shot anyway) he's lucky if i dont starch all his underwear at least once a week.

yeah, lets see him walk that one off.... :lol:

Congratulations of the milestone!!!!

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Gail, CONGRATUALTIONS!!!! Have a great time in CA. Lots to do there and what a nice romantic time you'll have without the kid. :lol::cry:

Tim and I are having our 20th on July 6, but he will be recovering from his lung surgery, so I'm not sure what we'll be able to do. Maybe dinner out if he's up to it.


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Gail, have a WONDERFUL time!!!! I have shared your story and Annie's with my father because he is fighting lung cancer after two battles with lymphoma. You are both an inspiration to us that there is much hope to fight 2 cancers and WIN!!!!

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Congratulations Gail on 25 Years

25 years, that's impressive. I hope to be there too someday, only 21 more years to go.

You DO deserve a vacation. You've been through so much that you deserve one of those "cost is no matter" vacations. Have a great trip!


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