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S*x with a cowboy(Light R rating)

David A

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You've got to know about Skoal to appreciate this one.

For you non-Texans... the container for this snuff is

very large, flat and round, and the cowboy carries it

in his back Jean pocket.

Now, back to the story:

Prior to her trip to Texas, Buffy (a New Yorker)

confided to her sorority sisters she had three goals

for her trip to the Lone Star State.

She wanted to taste some real Texas Bar-B-Que, take in

a bona fide rodeo and have sex with a real cowboy.

Upon her return, her sorority sisters were curious as

to how she fared.

"Let me tell you, they have a tree down there called a

Mesquite and when they slow cook that brisket over

that Mesquite, it's oh so good.

The taste is unbelievable!" And, I went to a real

rodeo... Talk about athletes! Those guys wrestle full

grown bulls! They ride horses at a full gallop then

jump off the horses and grab the bulls by the horns

and throw them to the ground! It is just incredible!"

They then asked, "Well tell us, did you have sex with

a real cowboy?"

"Are you kidding? Once I saw the outline of the condom

they carry in the back pocket of their jeans, I

changed my mind!"

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LOL - ain't there a new country song out "Save a horse, ride a cowboy"??

Gotta watch those cowboy/New Yorker pairings...

A white bread boy from New York is talking to his buddy about a favorite sexual position called "Rodeo"...

Second guy, "What is THAT position?"

White bread boy, "Well, you go about it like you're going to go doggie-style, and then, just as you start, you lean over and whisper in her ear 'this is how your sister likes it' and then the real ride begins!"

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Sheesh and someone removed my F word grammar lesson--the one that was sure to be an attention grabber in basic English classes, especially with the guys who sat in the back row and THOUGHT they were going to sleep through another semester of English. No way with me teaching, lol.


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Elaine that someone would have been me, I was asked to use my own judgement to monitor this forum and if I find things that are in bad taste(my own opinion) or offensive I've been asked to remove them, if you or anyone else finds something I or anyone else has posted offensive or in bad taste please pm and I will remove the joke.

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