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An update on my sister's progress & happy news

dani hobbs

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I haven't posted here for awhile, although I will admit that I have "lurked"---my sister finished her chemotherapy about 7 weeks ago & I have been holding my breath regarding what will happen next. You see, when she was diagnosed last December, she & her husband were in the middle of making their long-anticipated retirement plans. They have worked hard for years, been exemplary parents & grandparents, and at the end of this June, just a couple of days ago, they had planned to begin their odyssey--close up their business, buy an RV & just go, wherever & whenever they wanted. Then the cancer happened. Well, after completing her chemo, my sister started to regain her energy & her oncologist starting assessing what was next. A full body CT scan revealed that all the tumors in her lungs, including the largest one, were no longer in evidence; there were still a couple of lesions on her liver but they were much smaller in size. Her RBC, WBC & glucose levels were back to normal. Best of all, a MRI to the head revealed no metastasis to the brain. She has her energy back & is in no pain. So, two days ago, she & her husband took off in their RV to parts unknown, with instructions from her oncologist to get a CT scan of her liver in late August, whereever she is at the time. So, if in your travels this summer, you see a happy, funny, interesting woman in an RV, it may be my sister--give her a wave & please say a prayer for her, as I will for all of you who post to & read this board. :D:D:D

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Dani, That sounds great. I especially like the "parts unknown". Wow. Going on an adventure. I think that sounds like the road to a cure.


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Wonderful News!!! So glad to hear she is doing so well. The road trip sounds awesome. My husband & I just had a great 2 weeks out on our boat going where ever here in SE Alaska. If he hadn't had to go to work I think we would still be out there. Happy trails to her.


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