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Update on Cheryl & Jack

Connie B

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Hi All,

Just wanted to take a minute to update you all on our wonderful friend Cheryl who is in the hospital.

Jack emailed me this a.m and said:

Her surgery (draining the fluid from the heart) went well and was rather quick. She is feeling a lot better....had quite a bit of fluid to drain and is still draining. Her fears are that the fluid contains cancerous cells. Along with efusions come major anxieties, which she is experiencing.

I also want to share with all you that I did talk with Cheryl this morning, and she sounded WONDERFUL !!! She did say she felt a LOT better, and is able to breath again. She is pretty drugged up but, all and all she was very positive sounding. I told Cheryl, that ALL you WONDERFUL people were sending her prayers, and she was SOOOO touched and happy to hear that. THANK YOU ALL!!! She only had wonderful things to say about everyone on this board. I told her I would call her tomorrow morning to check on her. She said with the med's she is on, she is having her OWN 4th of July celebrations! :):) Gotta love those drugs! :wink:

Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts and prayers for both Cheryl and Jack! Yes, Jack needs them as well!

Wishing you all a safe and sound 4th of July!

For those that aren't aware of what is going on, there is a post in the Spritual Forum you may read.

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Thanks so much for the info on Cheryl. I'm sorry to hear about the fluid on her heart, but glad she is feeling better after it was extracted. My father had alot of fluid removed from his heart in April of 2003 via a pericardial window, and afterward felt better than he had in months. My thoughts and prayers are with Cheryl during her recovery.

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