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July 4th


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I was kind of feeling sorry for myself this weekend because I couldn't make it up to my daughter's for the 4th of July and I really don't have many friends here. The few that I do have are busy celebrating with their families. Fourth of July used to be a big holiday up home, we would have all the neighbors over, have a big cookout and make a whole weekend out of it. My life is so different now, in a strange place without friends and family within a 5 minute drive.

Anyway, in the middle of my pity party, I remembered last year when I was a little more than 2 weeks out of surgery. The place where they have the fireworks here is up a hill and you have to park the car and walk. So last year I so wanted to take my son to see them but had to stay home instead, for the first time ever admitting that I had a physical limitation and COULDN'T do it. It was a hard pill to swallow. I had not really cried the entire time but I remember crying that night, faced with the fact that my son couldn't see the fireworks because I wasn't strong enough to walk up a damn hill.

So the moral of the story... hell, even though I think my weekend sucks, last year it sucked worse :roll: !! At least this year, myself and Eric can navigate the hill and see the fireworks. I think I can find much gratitude in so many things, if only I remember to look....

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Ah....perspective, huh Debi? :wink: Good for you, girl...for finding a way to apply perspective to the pity party. All things are relative, aren't they?

I used to feel so awful for feeling sorry for myself once in a while. But as I got older, I started to realize that the emotion of self pity was there for a reason just as all my other emotions are....so I let myself FEEL it for a short while, so I could move thru it and get to where perspective kicked in! 8)

I'm so glad you and your son got to climb up the hill and see the fireworks this year and may you do so for many, many years to come! :D

We spent last evening making sure the dogs didn't get too overwrought with the sound of the fireworks! They aren't completely phobic about it....but fireworks (like thunderstorms) tend to make them kinda nervous...which then colors MY enjoyment of them too. I watch *my* fireworks now on t.v.! I can see them that way, while muting the sound! :wink:

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This time last year I too was 2 weeks post - op. I know well what you are talking about. I sat on my porch in my PJ's last year and watched through the trees. I plan on seeing them this year tho.

For those that may not know it, NYC Macy's fireworks will be on NBC at 9 EST tonight. Great show but not as good as being there in person. :)

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Last year on the 4th of July I wasn't in any kind of shape either emotionally or physically to celebrate and I remember what a down, gloomy day I had. I was only about 2 weeks out from surgery and was such a wreck.

I felt so much better this year and had a lot of laughs even though we just stayed home and had my mom and sister and her two kids. Got to see fireworks from my own back yard.

I'm glad you had a better time this year and here's to many more.

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