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Radiation Questions


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Wayne has 12 more lung radiation treatments remaining and seems to be doing very well in general. But, he has been having lots of hip and shoulder pain lately. We got out his copies of his scans taken the end of March '04 and saw that there are spots on his left hip and right shoulder marked on the full body scan. Neither the oncologist or radiation oncologist have mentioned these areas and have concentrated the radiation on his brain and lung.

His neurosurgeon mentioned right after his brain surgery that these spots could be arthitis so we really didn't worry about them. His chiroprator fould that his hip was out of the socket and put it back in but is now thinking there might be more than that problem.

Wayne will talk to his radiation oncologist on Tuesday and have him look at the scans and maybe have him take new ones but in the meantime, has anyone here experienced joint pain with radiation? As you all know, it's difficult with so many doctors involved to get to the bottom of a problem and try to figure out which doctor to believe.

Thanks for your help,


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My husband did not experience any joint pain with radiation and I don't remember anyone here mentioning it.

I would definitely mention this to your radiologist. If it is arthritis, you may want to talk to the doctors about Celebrex. Not only does it help with joint pain, there are some clinical trials that it may help with the cancer.

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Roanna, Lucie's onc always asks her if she has a lot of pain anywhere, and uses that info as one way to look for tumors. Tumors in the bone can cause pain, and can also threaten the integrity of the bone, particularly hip, so it is good you are going to see the rad onc on Tuesday and discuss with him. Radiation is usually done on areas of pain such as you describe. Lucie is just finishing up a series of radiation on a rib spot that was giving her a lot of discomfort -- it has helped singnificantly. Good luck Don

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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

I'd advise you NOT to try and read scans. Except I can't give that advice because I'm too busy reading mine. :roll:

It's a good thing to bring this concern to the attention of the doctors to make sure they haven't overlooked anything. In the same breath, I'd have to say that spots/activity on scans do not AT ALL equal cancer. It very well might be arthritis. Here's hoping that's what it is.


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