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A Virginia 4th

Remembering Dave

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Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a good 3rd of July. My sister, her husband and 2 kids got here around 4:00 yesterday and the kids played in the sprinkler for a while and then we cooked out steaks and hot dogs and generally gorged ourselves. When it finally got dark we shot off some fireworks. I have always wanted to shoot off fireworks in our field but just never have. I vowed to do it this year. One thing cancer does to you is that you learn t live for today. Oh, I still plan and work for tomorrow but I am not going to put off doing the things I really want to do. Karen started giving me greif (lovingly.....of course) about spending money on fireworks and seemed a little taken back when I said I might not be around next year to do it so I wanted to make sure I did it this year. We are all going to go out on the pontoon boat this morning whenever everybody gets up and then later tonight we will go to Tappahannock VA to see an Old Timers Softball game and then fireworks. We will probably take our mini grill and cook out hamburgers and Dogs. Tappahannock is a historic little town with lots of Antique shops on the Rappahannock River approx 60 miles northeast of Richmond. The Rappahannock is referred to as "The Rivuh" even though the James River runs right through the City of Richmond. We live 1/2 way between Richmond and Tappahannock on the Mattaponi River, a smaller, but more picturesque river than the James or the Rappahannock Rivers. The Mattaponi river becomes the York River and flows into the Chesapeake bay at Yorktown VA.. Well better start getting breakfast ready for everyone. Have a Safe and a Happy 4th of July, Happy Independence Day!!!!

David C

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Sounds like you're making the most of the weekend, David! Glad you're all having fun AND thanks, too...for the mini-history lesson on VA rivers! :wink:

You've got my mouth watering for those grilled burgers. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope you're getting some pictures of those fireworks over the Mattaponi! :)

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