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Hello Group: My name is Val I ‘am a 45 years old mother of 2 teenagers a daughter and a son,I have a wonderful husband who wouldn’t go near my computer with a ten foot pole except to play solitaire and live in a small community in the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island, BC where the weather is beautiful most of the time. I have been dropping by this web site for some time now and have to let you know it has been a blessing in finding you all and although you weren’t aware of it before now you have all helped me over so many of the new hurdles I have had to face .You have provided me with the much needed support by answering so many important questions that had been on my mind. Presently I’m having a bit of pre-chemo jitters over some of the side effects of Taxotere which I will start next week, they sound just awful but I’m hopeful I won’t be unfortunate enough to get them all , I weathered extremely well with my first Chemotherapy using the drugs Venorelbine/Cisplatin and not a bit of nausea or anything except my taste went south and haven’t returned even yet.

Well I’m not much for writing very lengthy letters but did want to introduce myself and thank you for being here.

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My husband and I came to the conclusion that they tell you every side effect they can possibly think of 'just in case'. Fortunately, we have found that the side effect list may be the scariest part of the treatment.

Earl tolerated Taxotere very well. Good wishes for an easy treatment.

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Hi Val,

Just a note to let you know that you are not alone in this. Family can offer their support and love, but no one knows what emotional effects Cancer can bring, along with changes in your body, and the fact that it can shake one faith.

Val, we are all here for you, in support and love. If you need someone to talk to, or simply to use as a sounding board, just e-mail me or anyone on this list I know we all are willing to help.

God Bless,


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Jim had Taxotere three times. His taste went funny and he had some odds and ends long bone pain but not bad at all. No nausea.

It did mess with his bloodwork. He needed 1 Neupogen shot for white blood cell counts, then several Procrit shots for red blood cells. When his WBC dropped so low he got an infection - pneumonia. That cleared up with an antibiotic. This was his reaction, it might not be yours. The best I can advise is take your temp frequently so you can head off any infection right at the start. Jim had weekly bloodtests and you may as well, so they can catch and correct any deficiencies fairly rapidly.

Others have said drink a lot of water, seems like that is always good advice.


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Hi Valerie and WELCOME!

I'm so glad you decided to leave the lurking phase and sign on. We're so glad you found us. You will find the support for you to be awesome. Most have tolerated Taxotere very well and it is a dynamite chemo for knocking those cancer cells to la-la land.

Keep us posted on your progress.

God bless you,


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Welcome Valerie,

I am so glad that you came out of the woods to join us and didnt lurk forever. I know that many people lurk and I am glad that they get the help they do from it but you will see that posting to others is also good therapy for yourself and what makes others feel better makes you feel better. As you have seen we are a family here and we care about each other. A better place you could not have found. Welcome aboard!!

God Bless you,


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