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4th of July....

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What a lousy day....

Robert is in the hospital and we're gearing up for him to come home today. Last night was one of only a handful of nights I have been alone here in my own home. I was so tired, I took a sleeping pill and headed off to bed. Slept through a wonderful Kansas storm and woke up to find a nicely flooded basement. Home alone. Great. Husband who knows everything and can fix everything isn't here. I started calling companies that clean up this kind of mess and rec'd a bid of about $1,000! Nice I think, especially now. Why? Well, my dad and I ripped up the carpet, I called a friend to help pick out carpet samples (it's a well known family secret - I can't tell tan from pink!) and called brother in-law and husbands of friends who all came over and go the carpet/pad ripped up and taken away and we cleaned the floors really well. We were lucky, the tile underneath wasn't so bad and I think we can deal witih that so we're back on schedule to have Robert home!

Since Robert has been sick, it's been one disaster after another...first, I shut the garage door on my explorer - that was pretty, then our bathtub clogged up - this was the day my son was home puking with strep throat. Called RotoRooter who promptly drilled through the pipe and caused the water to drain into the basement. They had to cut a hole in the ceiling - we lived with that for several months - my sister/ herhusband/nephew fixed that while in Houston - also our sprinkling system blew a hole or something and we had Ol' Faithful in our front yard. Is any of that a big deal? No, I know that but it's just one more thing on top of the biggest thing I've ever dealt with and I'm so tired I can't een describe it.

Tonight our plan is to light off fireworks and eat fried chicken. I hope all goes well tonight and I hope you and your families have enjoyed a nice, floodless holiday!



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Ah - Joni - with your string of luck maybe you should stay away from the fireworks!

Kidding aside, I'm sorry everything seems to be falling down around you.....but truly, the only thing that matters is that Robert is okay.

Wishing you a Happy (and uneventful) 4th!

Hugs and prayers,


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Boy, do I know how you feel. Earl has been sick almost 2 years. He was always the one that took care of the 'house' disasters. Abandoned that job when he got sick.

I remember one cold, cold morning standing outside the hospital while Earl was having chemo calling Home Depot, Sears etc, trying to get someone, anyone, to deliver a hot water heater. Our hot water was currently floating around the basement.

Oh well, it just shows how strong we are when we have to.

Hope Robert is doing better. Hope the chicken was crisp and the fireworks loud.

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